Koehler Replacement Sought

A press release from the McHenry County Board:

Applications Sought for Vacancy on County Board

Ken Koehler resigned is District 2 seat from the County Board to take McHenry County's appointment to the Metra Board.

Ken Koehler resigned from the County Board to take McHenry County’s appointment to the Metra Board.

McHenry County Board Chairman, Joe Gottemoller is seeking applications to fill a recently created vacancy on the County Board in District 2.

The term of office to be filled will run through December 5, 2016. State Statute dictates that the vacancy on the County Board must be filled with a Republican currently residing in County Board District 2 because the vacancy was created by the resignation of a Republican from District 2.

Those interested in the position must complete an “Application for Board and Commission” available on the County website at www.co.mchenry.il.us/home/showdocument?id=12290.

Applications must be received in the County Board Office by the close of business Friday, October 9, 2015.

Interviews of prospective candidates will take place in October 2015 with the County Board

Chairman and members of the Republican Party. A formal appointment to the County Board is anticipated in November 2015.

Additional information and questions may be directed to County Administrator, Peter Austin at 815-334-4226.

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Cameron Hubbard

Cameron Hubbard

Scuttlebutt at Joni Smith’s fundraiser for McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Monday night was that Crystal Lake City Councilman Cameron Hubbard is the favorite. Councilman Jeff Thorsen has been considering running for the County Board in District 2, where there will be no incumbents with Carolyn Schofield running for State Representative.

Anyone interested in running probably should apply for the appointment, since it will increase one’s name identification.


Koehler Replacement Sought — 23 Comments

  1. It must be nice to be the son of a rich man.

    That lately has been all you need to get tapped for induction into the political-leisure class of McHenry County.

  2. Are you kidding me rawdogger.

    That comment is completely uncalled for.

    What does his father have to do with it?

    What does his dad’s money have to do with it.

    You are ridiculous!!!!

  3. If Joe keeps this up (appointments), he’ll have to get a permit for recycling.

  4. I’m sure Ken will find Metra all kinds of parcels of land that he may or may not just happen to own.

  5. He could never be worse than “Road Rage” Ladd, the women’s terror.

  6. Ken Koehler ran a very, very successful retail business in CL for decades.

    His integrity is beyond reproach, his work ethic is old school.

    Ken is just what McHenry County need to represent its interest in mass transportation.

    Thank you for making your wisdom available to all of us.

    Only a newbie would question Ken’s qualifications for the job.

  7. Ken has been in a position for several years to fight and help us keep our taxes down.

    This is why we pay the lowest…oh wait…never mind.

  8. JustWonder,

    Since you are obviously a Hubbard supporter, can you articulate Cameron’s qualifications for office?

  9. I have met Cameron and he has solid judgment and a good sense of financial requirements of government.

    That is better than some that currently serve On the county board.

    You really should be attending county board meetings even if it is just listening online.

    You would see we need better options

  10. I agree that we need better options for local government.

    That’s why I think it’s hilarious that a kid whose only resume lines are a job working for his dad and a city counsel seat arranged by his dad is the front runner.

  11. Rawdogger,

    Last time I checked Hubbard was elected by voters to keep him on city council.

    Not sure how you can still make your claims when the people have spoken for themselves.

    Sorry if this doesn’t agree with your priors/biases.

    He and the Hubbard family have been very involved and have been giving back to the community for generations.

    Keep up the good work!!

  12. So, his qualifications for a political handout are his prior political handout, and the election he got third place in and *barely* edged out the landscaper while having the advantage of incumbency resulting from the political handout.

    Don’t make me swoon.

  13. Lol.

    Him being appointed could have just as easily been a disadvantage as well.

    If he wasn’t doing a good job the people would not have voted to keep him in.

    Seems like the decision to appoint Hubbard was the right call.

    And when did it become a bad thing to be involved with a family business that provides jobs for the local community?

  14. “And when did it become a bad thing to be involved with a family business that provides jobs for the local community?”

    Cameron’s daddy is a very impressive guy, don’t get me wrong.

    The kid?

    Not so much.

    If Cameron were a son of the middle class, his resume makes him a better suit to mow people’s lawns, not to serve in office.

    He’s nothing special despite dad’s influence.

  15. If by “the community,” you mean that 1,798 voters thought he would be a better choice than a landscaper, congratulations on Cameron’s “I’m marginally more qualified than a landscaper” mandate.

    Be sure to put that on some yard signs.

  16. And, by the way, 1,394 voters thought the landscaper was better qualified for the job.

    Let that sink in for a second.

  17. Lol.

    Hubbard was 10 votes behind Dawson and 43 behind thorsen and 404 above the next closest tomasello.

    So you could make the same argument for the other two elected into office as well.

    Let that sink in for a moment.

    Also not sure why you continually attack someone for being a landscaper that also runs a local business and wants to get involved.

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