Dems React to Boehner’s Stepping Down

John Boehner on the day the Pope spoke to Congress.

John Boehner on the day the Pope spoke to Congress.

Don’t know how, but I’ve gotten on some Democratic Party congressional fundraising email lists.

Thought you might be interested in how Democrats are using House Speaker John Boehner’s announced resignation from the top post.

Before today, their pitch was aimed at how bad Republicans were for wanting to shut down the U.S. government over Planned Parenthood de-funding.

Lois Frankel:

This is totally unexpected.

This morning, Speaker John Boehner announced that he’s retiring next month.

Some in his party are so extreme that they will stop at nothing — even forcing Boehner out of Congress. They are playing political games and won’t stop until they shut down the government. That’s why before my critical FEC deadline on Wednesday, we need to deliver a powerful message of support that we’re not going to stand for the Tea Party’s agenda. Can you chip in to make sure we have our strongest showing yet?

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From Brad Schneider:

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news by now — John Boehner is resigning from his Speakership and from Congress.

Make no mistake: this is a victory for the Tea Party and the radical right.

Believe it or not, Boehner was just too “moderate” for the extreme right wing flank of his own party. So, they have now forced him out of power — smoothing the way for a Tea Party takeover.

One thing’s for sure: Bob Dold will be beholden to whomever takes over the leadership. And with the Tea Party on the rise, that’s neither something we want, nor can afford.

We need to strengthen our Democratic numbers in Congress. If you agree, chip in today to support my campaign.

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From Tammy Duckworth:

Speaker Boehner is resigning his position and the good news is that we’re likely to avoid another government shutdown.

But here’s the bad news: once Boehner is gone, House Republicans are only going to get more extreme – and they’re still pushing legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.

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Another from Tammy Duckworth:

With Boehner resigning as Speaker, the extreme right-wing is taking over the House. It’s now more important than ever that we build a Democratic firewall in the Senate to block their radical agenda.

Your support before our September 30th FEC deadline is critical to ensuring our campaign has the resources we need to take back the Democratic Senate majority. Contribute today.


Dems React to Boehner’s Stepping Down — 6 Comments

  1. What is most concerning is the debt and unfunded liabilities.

    Unfunded liabilities are in general money that should be set aside right now, but is not, to pay for future promises such as public sector pensions and public sector early retiree healthcare.

    So Boehner is at the Federal level.

    Add the state level.

    Add the local level.

    Add up the pensions, early retiree healthcare, and bonds at the Federal, State, and Local level.

    We could include plenty more, but just add that.

    How much do you as a taxpayer, based on your percentage of property taxes, state income taxes, and federal income taxes, plus your percentage of various other taxes, “owe” the government.

    No one has a clue, only the most vague ballparks are available.

    So where is the money going to come from and when.

    What is the funding plan.

    What cuts will be necessary.

    No one Republican or Democrat has any good answers, and there are no good conversations occurring.

    Truth in Accounting is looking into the state piece of the puzzle and has a ticker for the Federal debt on the home page.

    But to portray the tea party as extremists for being concerned about this overall debt and unfunded liability matter is ludicrous.

    You might not like their solutions but everyone should be concerned.

    The Tea Party didn’t like Boehner’s handling of the matter overall, I guess we’ll see how the next guy handles the matter.

    We have serious problems in Illinois at the state and many local levels with unfunded pensions, unfunded early retirement healthcare, and bond debt.

    No way is there money at current taxation and service levels.

    The politicians and special interests created an unsustainable situation.

    So the state and local boards do taxpayers an immense disservice by not portraying the true financial situation.

  2. Spent much of the last month traveling the state and seeing the two State Fairs and talking to so many salt of the earth folks.

    No one I spoke with personally thought eugenics or racism were a particularly enlightened policy for any government to pursue.

    When Democrats continue to sponsor racism and the decimation of a particular segment of our society and then attempt to raise money fear mongering ignorant people into thinking this horror is worth continuing as a State sponsored event we, as a society, have a problem.

    No culture or society has survived a racist leadership.

    It is particularly galling when the same people who hate brown people so much they want to kill their babies and imprison or kill them for minor legal infractions scream America just needs to let more in wholesale with no thought for international or national laws.

    This seems a bit disingenuous as a matter of policy.

    Either decide brown people deserve death, especially before birth, and have no place in American Society or love brown people enough to protect their lives and enforce the laws of our freedom loving, life affirming nation of laws.

    Liberal minds like these who will callously attempt to raise money on the suffering of a particular segment of our society give all Democrats, and Americans in general, a horrible name the world over.

    Perhaps we should abort some of these politicians espousing policies of death and hate.

    I think we can all agree racists are particularly deserving of aborting at any time in their lives.

    Can we make the case this can be legal just as they try to say the murder of brown people is legal?

  3. We now know what it was that the D.C. puppeteers had on Denny.

    Wonder when we will find what the D.C. puppeteers have on Bohner?

    His resignation at the end of October gives him time to push through funding for the remainder of the agenda being followed by the Administration.

    This funding includes P.P.

  4. By turning the abortion issue into an issue of racism, the language becomes thT much more inflammatory, and the problem becomes that much more intractable.

    You become part of the pronlem, not the solution.

    Perhaps the intention was to point out the fact that brown parents and brown babies are disproportinately affected by abortion.

    Do you then also see application of death penalty in this country, as well as drug laws, education, etc., as racial problems?

  5. Concerned voter – I was thinking the same thing.

    I would not be surprised if Boehner had been compromised for years.

    He’s has the backbone of a jellyfish.

    I’m guessing he’s tired of the fight against his own party and made some last minute promises with his handlers before he exits.

    Don’t be surprised if scandal surfaces in 10 years or maybe he’s just completely incompetent – not sure which is worse.

  6. Although all things in our American society and culture are not racist in nature Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist eugenically inclined person, funded by the KKK and built nearly exclusively near minority communities.

    When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck most folks are inclined to call the animal a duck.

    Planned Parenthood is institutionalized racism now funded by The State.

    This is the very antithesis of American founding beliefs, the blood spilled in the American Civil War, the sacrifice of our Civil Rights Movement and the foundations of American leadership in the world.

    It is, at the least, disingenuous to tell other nations they cannot kill their citizens while State sponsored racism, mutilation and murder are being promoted and protected by the American Federal Government on our home national soil.

    Decisions need to be made as to what this country stands for in this world and whether or not we actually want to be international leaders and examples of excellence in Human Rights.

    It is of no consequence whatsoever to the sands of time whether this very young nation murders, mutilates and destroys its people but it is of great consequence to the women and children affected by the State sponsored eugenics whether anyone stands up for them.

    We have a responsibility to make eugenics the purview of fringe organizations free to spout their horrible anti human views in a free society(with others free to oppose them philosophically), not the responsibility of The State and those who pay for The State who are inclined to love their neighbor rather than hate them.

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