Tribune Puts Bleacher Story on Page 1

Bleachers Tribune 9-25-15 p 1Crystal Lake High School District 155’s loss of its court attempt to keep its stadium-style football field bleachers made Chicago television stations on Thursday night.

Friday morning, readers of the Chicago Tribune found a article about the Illinois Supreme Court decision on the front page:


Tribune Puts Bleacher Story on Page 1 — 12 Comments

  1. Chicago Tribune

    Crystal Lake South will tear down bleachers after losing high court ruling

    by Robert McCoppin, Contact Reporter

    September 24, 2015

    The Tribune story includes a video.

    The teacher union & support staff union collective bargaining agreements expire June 2016.

    There need not be any additional expense to taxpayers to fix the bleacher mess.

    The money necessary fix the mess can be a reduction in salary & benefit hikes for administrators, teachers, support staff, teamster members, etc.

    The taxpayers didn’t cause the problem, the taxpayers shouldn’t pay for the problem.

    We’ll see if someone follows the collective bargaining negotiations and compares the new agreement to the prior agreement once it is released to the public, rather than just relying on the school district and union press releases.

    Many times those releases will say an overall hike of x, but individual employees actually on average receive a greater hike than x.

    That’s because new employees receive a lower salary than retiring employees.

    Even though full career pensions and many less than full career pensions are greater than starting salaries.

  2. Along with the bleachers, there are a bunch of people who should go.

    For example, those on the school board who approved the bleachers.

    And the school district’s attorney.

    And the Regional Superintendent of Schools for McHenry County, who thought she was the sole approval needed for the outrageous bleachers.

    If you can’t get them removed from office, vote them all out at the next election.

  3. Another illiterate loser article from the dolt, Robert McCoppin.

    Small wonder the Tribune is ready for yet another bankruptcy.

    This guy is a poor writer who loves to swim in the muck….its the only way for him to attract readers to his failed writing style.

  4. The rights of the tax payer has been abused again.

    We have these Superintendents of schools positions with many staff members and no oversight of check and balances.

    The public should be able to petition to have the Board removed..

    The cost to the tax payers for this mess ..


  5. In every group there are only a few bullies* that intimidate the rest of the sheep into following along…those bullies need to be exposed as to who and what they are…those who followed should also be exposed for not having enough moxy to stand against the bullies*

    they along with their Lawyers should pay for the dismantling and removal of the bleachers

    No Tax Money should be used………….

    *Bully, in this case a big mouth “know it all” who claims to know what is best for everyone

  6. Should this come to pass, who will lose their jobs over this costly mistake?

    The Regional and the Dist 155 Superintendents should be first in line, with the School Board Attorney next.

    In private industry actions are accountable.

  7. Every person involved in Wasting our TAX Dollars and I mean everyone should get out of their position immediately since we will never recoup these thrown away dollars ever!, the only thing that is going to be effective is that they are no longer in any kind of power, authority, to waste our $$ again, take your egos and leave so we don’t have to ever have to experience this wastefulness again from any of you !…

    Don’t ever think this will be forgotten!

  8. So how do we find the Names of everyone who voted for this boondoogle?

    come on Cal give some insight

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