Wheeler for Rubio

Florida's U.S. Senator Mark Rubio observed, "Dreams that are impossible anywhere else--they come true here."

In the first debate, Florida’s U.S. Senator Mark Rubio observed, “Dreams that are impossible anywhere else–they come true here.”

State Rep. Barb Wheeler has decided that her favorite for the Republican nomination for President is Marco Rubio.

Asked, “Why?” she replied,

He is the most articulate on the issues.

He is conservative with a proven track record of his convictions.

He is the strongest on foreign policy.

He can speak to our financial issues with knowledge and experience, and then pivot to immigration with compassion; and more importantly provide a plan that is realistic and applicable.

The political strategist in me, recognizes that the advantages of his age (although some consider that a detractor) and that he is Spanish speaking.


Wheeler for Rubio — 3 Comments

  1. I strongly agree with you.

    Has been my first choice since the campaign started.

    He is smart, articulate, well-informed, conservative, and will attract an Hispanic base to the Republican party.

  2. Old man winter: neither are “losers”.

    Though I don’t support Rubio, I like Ted Cruz – to call Rubio a “loser” is foolish at best.

    To refer to one of the brightest young conservative minds in Springfield a “loser” is equally nutty.

    I can’t stand politicians, but the few who are young, energetic, and bright – let’s not criticize.

    “Old Man” may be an appropriate self described name for you, sir.

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