Bleacher Meeting Tonight

The hottest meeting in McHenry County tonight will be the one being held by the Crystal Lake High School District 155 Board of Education.

Among the items, right at the end of the meeting, is awarding a contract to tear down the football field bleachers at South High School.

The agenda is below:

D155 Meeting Agenda 9-30-15


Bleacher Meeting Tonight — 2 Comments

  1. Are they really going to tear them down?

    This is crazy.

    Why don’t they just make nice with CL and then buy the three houses at a premium.

    Those houses must be less expensive than tearing down and rebuilding bleachers.

    Not to mention the money already spent on the bleachers.

    When does common sense kick in?

  2. Many people asked for Wagner’s, Thomas’, Somers, Oberg & Secrest resignations.

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