Missing Teen Girl Found in Oklahoma

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Missing juvenile, Kalyani Sudhir, who was reported missing on August 18, 2015, has been located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

La;yani Sudhir

Kalyani Sudhir

On September 29th, 2015, the Crystal Lake Police Department, in cooperation with other local, state, regional, federal, and international law enforcement agencies, located Kalyani Sudhir (pictured below) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Members of the Investigations Division worked diligently to identify the Tulsa, Oklahoma location and were able to recover Kalyani safely with assistance from the FBI and ICE. Kalyani was found to be in good health and unharmed.

Local authorities in Tulsa, Oklahoma are currently working with Kalyani to reunite her with family.


Mayank Nainwa

Kalyani was previously reported missing by her family on August 18th, 2015, and was last seen at approximately 6 pm on the same day at the Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago after boarding a train in Crystal Lake shortly after she left her home.

The Crystal Lake Police Department originally reported Kalyani may have been in the company of a “Nithin Nainwal.”

Further investigation revealed “Nithin’s” true name to be Mayank Nainwa.

Mayank was located with Kalyani in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is currently in federal custody on unrelated charges. This case remains under investigation and will be reviewed for additional charges by the McHenry County State’s Attorney Office.


Missing Teen Girl Found in Oklahoma — 10 Comments

  1. She WAS safe and unharmed, now she’s likely a future honor killing victim.

  2. Likely?

    If there is such knowledge it should be reported to the police.

    If there is no such knowledge what is the rationale behind the statement.

  3. Once again if someone has specific information about this family that would lead one to such a conclusion that is one thing and as such should be reported to the police.

    It comes off as just jumping to a conclusion based on not one shred of credible information.

    We have no indication from police, coroners, anyone involved in the statistical tracking of the deceased, anyone involved religions or studying immigrants, to indicate any such practice is anything but a rare occurrence in the United States.

    Likely, not that stupid, playing the percentages, no one has given any details to support such statements.

  4. I might be a little sensitive to the issue as I have a client whose mother was just part of a contract honor killing.

  5. What did a mother do to shame her family – this occurred in the United States and was religion based or what?

  6. She sued her husband for divorce in US courts, and won.

    He paid $10k to 2 hitmen to shoot her and burn her up in the truck of a car.

    We are working for their son, who is demanding the death penalty on the father.

  7. Are divorce killings any more prevalent in one ethnicity or religion or any category of people, haven’t seen any stats on that.

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