McHenry High School Teachers’ Salaries on Internet

McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser has now published two articles about the McHenry High School teachers strike.

The first one is here.

The second one lists “School District 156’s Underpaid Teachers,” as the title of the article puts it.

All teachers salaries are listed.


McHenry High School Teachers’ Salaries on Internet — 11 Comments

  1. Taxpayers pay for the teachers salaries, pensions, etc.

    So, wouldn’t you classify teachers as public servants?

    Why should a public servant make more than the tax payer?

    McHenry County School Board please do not cave to the teachers union.

    Just hire subs.

    Get the kids back in school where they belong.

  2. Stop the extortion of the already over burdened taxpayers by
    holding our children as hostages.

    Fire them all and privatize the school system, or force even more
    people to flee this tax hellhole of a state.

  3. There are a lot of common sense things a board/district cannot do legally as far as firing, replacing, etc.

    You have to pull the ability to strike or nothing will change.

  4. That’s not true, there have been cases where subs/replacement teachers have been hired in McHenry County. It certainly takes a backbone, but it can be done.

  5. Teachers don’t make more than small business owners like McDonalds who claim to be small businesses.

  6. 37 states do not allow teachers strikes . 13 states do .

    The reason the 37 states give for not allowing teachers strikes is they are treated like police and firemen which are essential services .

    I guess the Mchenry teachers don’t consiter themselves an essential service .

  7. Say the salaries and profits of Buss Ford, Gary Lang, Sunnyside and other local businesses who end up making $250,000- over half a million per year in salary but say they are small businesses and get the tax breaks form lower middle class people who make less than them.

  8. Public sector employees are no more servants than private sector employees.

  9. Remember to takes their salary and divide by 9 and multiply by 12 to compare to yours.

    Teachers work 9 months a year, but fully expect full comparable annual salaries.

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