Preston Rea Passing Petitions for County Board

Preston Rea

Preston Rea

Alden Township Supervisor Preston Rea is running for the McHenry County Board in District 6, the one that covers the rural half of the county.

Rea has been a regular participant in the Township Consolidation hearings, criticizing those who support the idea.

Alden Township has the smallest population of any of the seventeen townships.

Terms are expiring for Diane Evertsen and Mary McCann.

Eleven townships are all or partially in District 6.

There are eight township officials in each township.

That is a large potential pool of campaign supporters.


Preston Rea Passing Petitions for County Board — 6 Comments

  1. Competition for positions on the board are always welcome.

    Run Rea run.

  2. I believe he will be better than Smith.

    Preston I hope you are a real conservative, not a rino.

    Stop the spending and reduce the taxes in McHenry County.

    Make it a promise and then keep it.

  3. If Preston goes up to the County Board, who will provide the people of Alden Township all of those important services (lol)?

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