Eleven Express Interest in County Boad Appointment

McHenry County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller told the County Board Tuesday that eleven people had expressed their interest in being appointed to the remainder of the term of the $21,000 a year post.

Gottemoller said that first there will be interviews by a five-member committee of Republican Precinct Committeemen from District 2, where Ken Koehler resigned to take a Gottemoller appointment to the Metra Board.

The five will be appointed by County GOP Chairman Sandra Salgado.

Gottemoller said he will reveal the date and location of that interview session so the public may attend.

Jeff Thorsen

Jeff Thorsen

Cameron Hubbard

Cameron Hubbard

Only two of the eleven have submitted applications so far:

  • Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen
  • Crystal Lake City Councilman Cameron Hubbard


Eleven Express Interest in County Boad Appointment — 11 Comments

  1. If Jesus and 4 apostles were appointed, I could tell you who Gottemoller will appoint, but will wait until I see the 7 names, and if they include Mr. Hubbard and Thorsen.

    As presiding Chairman of yesterday’s County Board Meeting, it was quite clear that Gottemoller could not be objective, unbiased, and or interested in the taxpayers having their say by referendum.

    The fact that he voted, allowed Board Member A. Miller to vote, rather than recuse themselves leaves serious concerns about the legality of the vote and his unprofessional response to Board Member Michael Walkup.

    In March, 2015, the public has its chance to correct this.

  2. Good Luck Jim !

    hope you succeed in getting this post…

    best wishes

  3. My Texas State Senator, of which there are only 31 (Illinois has 58), gets paid $7200 per year to help run a State 5X the size, 4X the GDP and 3X the population of Illinois.

    Tiny Mac pays 22 members, $21 K to squabble and form cliques, while my State Senator was just given another Taxpayer Champion award.

    Illinois is one zany State.

  4. Thanks D J for a bit of sanity.

    LTResident; can you give us a clue? who is Jim???

  5. Agree with him or not (and I do most of the time) Jeff Thorsen has tried to watch out for proper spending of Crystal Lake’s tax dollars. Often he has been a voice in the wilderness on the City Council. His willingness to fight the good fight is qualification enough for the job. Probably exactly why political bully Gottemoller will ignore him.

    Cameron Hubbard? What’s he done, other than wash Mayor Shepley’s car (is there any other explanation for him ever being appointed to the city council in the first place)?

  6. I thought the Rat tried to eliminate elections.

    If there is competition, Walkup can’t win.

  7. Who gets to make the appointment?

    County Board as a body, Chairman, a committee?

  8. Chairman appoints, but the appointment must be approved by the Board.

  9. Well Daddy Hubbard is succeeding in trying to get all his kids in local govt.

    The nepotism, cronyism, patronage hiring is the worst in our McHenry County.

    How will things EVER change if we continue to let this happen.

    Best of luck, Mr. Thorsen!

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