Lakewood Hot Button Issues Update

Lakewood restaurant rendering couple on pier

Drawing of a possible restaurant on the site of the Village Hall next to West Beach.

Been wondering what’s up with the proposed Lakewood SportsPlex, the Tax Increment Financing District and the restaurant which the Village announced it wanted to replace the current lakefront Village Hall.

I filed a Freedom of Information request a couple of weeks ago and got nothing, but delayed in writing an article.

So, I re-upped the request and received the following reply from Village Administrator Catherine Peterson:

Per your request, attached pls find the documents provided in response to your FOIA request dated Sept 28.

Lakewood TIF with buildings 12-14

Lakewood Tax Increment Financing District.

In addition to your formal FOIA request, you also asked “Would you please tell me if there is still nothing new on these topics?”

While there are no additional documents related to these questions, pls be advised of the following:

  • I have had a number of mtgs with developers and financiers about development opportunities along the IL Route 47 Corridor.  However, these mtgs have not yet progressed past the discussion stage.
  • You might also be interested to know that the presentation about the extension of utilities to the IL Route 47 Corridor will be included as a part of the Oct 13 mtg.  The information will be in the packet that will be uploaded to the website on Friday afternoon.


Lakewood Hot Button Issues Update — 3 Comments

  1. “Pls”?


    What kind of a retard answered a FOIA request in texting speak?

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