Kelly Liebmann Parades District 6 Candidacy

The political news at Marengo’s Settlers’ Days Parade was that Wonder Lake’s Kelly Liebmann is running for the Republican nomination for a District 6 seat on the McHenry County Board.

State Rep. candidate Allen Skillicorn, running to replace Mike Tryon, seems to be introducing Kelly Liebmann at the Marengo Parade Sunday.

State Rep. candidate Allen Skillicorn, running to replace Mike Tryon, seems to be introducing Kelly Liebmann at the Marengo Parade Sunday.

The terms of Mary McCann and Diane Evertsen are up in 2016.

Alden Township Supervisor is passing petitions for the office.

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Right after I posted this story, I found the following press release from Liebmann:

Kelly Liebmann officially kicks off 2016 McHenry County Board Campaign

Candidate in District 6 to Focus on Tax Reduction and Open, Honest Government

Marengo, Illinois – Candidate for McHenry County Board, Kelly Liebmann, officially kicked off her campaign today at the Marengo Settlers’ Day Parade, and her efforts to reduce taxes and ensure open, honest government.

“Any effort by the County Board to reduce or prohibit an increase in taxes needs to be utilized.

“Abuse of Tax Increment Finance Districts, Economic Development Zones and other growth incentives which underperform or negatively affect taxpayers should be scrutinized as a tax increase,” Liebmann stated.

Liebman yard signLiebmann has been approached by Republicans currently on the County Board to run for the seat in the 6 support for her to run has been exciting and energizing.

Liebmann declared,

“I know people in my district deserve better representation on the County Board. My district needs a representative who is not politically or monetarily motivated.

“The district doesn’t need another ‘yes’ man; it needs someone to stand up to the status quo, to stand for the taxpayers and inform voters.”

Liebmann was joined at the Settlers’ Day Parade by volunteers and supporters ready to help elect her to the county board.

The fiscally responsible conservative republican has been walking her district collecting signatures in an effort to get on the ballot for the Republican primary election March 15, 2016. She reached out to some of her rural constituents, collecting petition signatures h District in the 2016 election. Liebmann said the outpouring of from Coral Township residents at a recent County Board meeting. Liebmann also showed off her skills and helped raise money for charity by competing with other bakers at McHenry County Historical Society’s first annual Apple Back off last weekend at Cider Fest in Union.

Liebmann is a 13-year resident of District 6, having lived in both Harvard and unincorporated Wonder Lake. A former member and current volunteer for 4-H, Kelly has been employed in administration and management for over 20 years and currently works as an Operations & Logistics Manager for a mobile marketing and concert touringtransportation company.

The McHenry County Board 6th District consists of all of Alden, Chemung, Coral, Dunham, Greenwood, Hartland, Hebron, Marengo, Riley, and Seneca Townships and a portion of Grafton Township. Persons wishing to volunteer or donate should go for more information.

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Liebmann applied for appointment to the so-called County Ethics Commission, but the County Board did not select her.


Kelly Liebmann Parades District 6 Candidacy — 8 Comments

  1. Of course they didn’t appoint her to the Ethics Committee –


    There are those on the ethics committee who:

    1) have not had ethics training and

    2) cow tow (vote with and cozy up to) people in this county who are openly and flagrantly UNETHICAL!

  2. I assume she means an Enterprise zone and of course working for a concert touring company qualifies her to understand Economic Development tools.


    These people kill me.

  3. Inish is a typical government elitist.

    Thinking the average citizen isn’t smart enough to know how government works.

    How *dare* a “common citizen” question the government.

    It doesn’t take a government crony to see TIFs and EDZs can be abused and used for crony capitalism — using tax dollars to line some people’s pockets.

  4. I have fundamental disagreements concerning public policy with Liebmann, but have great admiration for her actually running for office to try and change things instead of just complaining on Facebook and in the Opinion section of newspapers.

    It’s more to do than what some commenters here do.

  5. I interviewed for the Ethics committee as well.

    I hold certification in ethics and compliance education and am an Executive with many years of Corporate experience.

    But I wasn’t chosen either.


    because they choose an individual with far greater skills than myself and had I been on the committee- would have chosen him as well.

    It does indeed take financial skills and other experience to hold a public office.

    We have far too many people on the County Board now who don’t have those skills and its hurting all of us.

    Some have been on the Board a long time but that’s by no means a given that they have the ability and the time it takes to not only learn the process but to read all of the material involved with each issue.

    I encourage people to run for office.

    If you have the will you can find a way.

  6. Sure- Now I’m a government elitist.

    Why is it too much to ask people to justify their soundbites-

    Explain to me WHY Enterprise zones don’t work.

    Explain why you think they are not in the best interest of the taxpayer.

    Demonstrate you even know what they are.

    You people talk out of both sides of your mouth-

    it takes capital to get capital flowing….

  7. Apparently a common citizen shouldn’t ask questions of their candidates or want something other than BS talking points that say that plan is bad without offering an alternative.

    How does she propose to attract business to Harvard and Marengo then?

    Should I just assume that you are gonna cut my taxes but everything will stay the same?

    Understand a system before you criticize it.

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