Walsh Doesn’t Announce

This photo was taken midway back on one side of the crowd.

This photo was taken midway back on one side of the crowd.

Other publications have been speculating that former Congressman Joe Walsh would run against incumbent Randy Hultgren.

Joe Walsh was speaking here.

Joe Walsh spoke from in front of the DJs tent.

If so, I figured, he would announce his intentions at the big rally at his home in Lake County yesterday.

Joe Walsh was upfront and personal with those who came to his rally.

Joe Walsh was upfront and personal with those who came to his rally.

He had promoted it widely on his WIND Radio Talk Show and through his Walsh Freedom group.

On Memorial Day Weekend he had another rally, complete with fireworks after dark.

People who attend have learned to bring their own chairs and clothing to ward off the edge of summer cold after dark.

In May, he jokingly announced that he was running for President.

That drew applause and cheers from the crowd.

This time there was no step stool so he could get a bit above the crowd.

A couple of times he took the microphone from the DJs to make an announcement, but the only real political one when announce James Marter, a candidate running against U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, was at the event seeking petition signatures.

Another candidate for Senate, Daniel Bronson, was also seeking petition signatures.

So, contrary to what some had thought, he was not going to challenge Mark Kirk in the primary election.

Besides that, Walsh was silent.

So, what’s happening?

Walsh was acting like a candidate.

His old congressional office signs were in the barn’s loft.

But Walsh made no announcement.

I wondered if he had been getting pressure from his congressional allies not to spook Hultgren during the Speakership fight.

If Walsh announced his candidacy, that might drive Hultgren into the arms of those not of Walsh’s side in Washington.

Walsh “took one for the team” when he ran and lost against Tammy Duckworth.

Of course, it doesn’t take a political expert to figure out the Republican “team” in Illinois wishes Walsh would just go away.

They don’t want someone who can deploy volunteers anywhere in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Of that, all can be certain.


Walsh Doesn’t Announce — 2 Comments

  1. I was saddened not to hear an announcement.

    What I did hear over and over again is the unhappiness of citizens with Kirk and how it’s really hurting the Republican party in Illinois..

    Rauner needs a hearing aide because he dose not seem to what to know.

    This is identical to the citizen voice I heard from hard line Republicans at the Mchenry County fair.

    Cal why only pictures of everyone’s backside?? Was that on purpose?

  2. That is too bad.

    Hultgren’s been skulking around my wallet since his Milton Township, DuPage County days.

    As a Board member, he never saw a tax bill he couldn’t raise.

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