McHenry County To Fight Ebola

This is on the agenda of the McHenry County Board’s Finance and Audit Committee on October 15th:Ebola CDC facts 9-29-14

With the potential for Ebola Virus Disease to enter the United States, as demonstrated in 2015; it is important for local health departments, emergency responders and healthcare organizations to be prepared in case this disease arrives in McHenry County.

This funding will not be used for any health department personnel costs, all money will be spent on equipment, supplies and contracts to better prepare the county for the possibility of Ebola entering the County.

The McHenry County Board of Health has thoroughly reviewed this proposed grant supplement and requests approval of adding the Ebola Supplement to the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grant in the amount of $67,156.


McHenry County To Fight Ebola — 13 Comments

  1. Would like to see the actual breakdown of how 70K will be spent..

    What are the Federal Governments odds that Ebola will come to McHenry County?

  2. Waste of money.

    It only takes one Liberian idiot, to lie to Liberian officials, lie his way through U.S. Customs and lie to attending physicians.

    Meanwhile, the family is still lawyer’d up, attempting to sue the hospital emergency roomfor first discharging him with antibiotics.

  3. Seriously?

    I think we should follow the money.

    How did this get on the agenda at all?

  4. It is very possible Sudanese refugees could spread ebola.

    $70K doesn’t go far buying sufficient PPE for hospital staff.

    Remember, every patient contact has to be gowned, double gloved, masked, eye protection, each time.

    And the PPEs are disposed and need to be replaced.

    This is not a frivolous expenditure in my opinion.

  5. However, THAT is the LEAST helpful poster I have ever seen on this issue!

  6. Susan must be eating those Civil Defense rations, her parents bought out of 50’s fear and squirreled away during the Cold War.

    No amount of money can fix stupid people!

    So quit spending money on something you can’t possibly control!

  7. Susan HAS gone off the rails on the crazy train.

    Stick to your tax statistics, Susan.

    Dj and Joe are prophets on this one.


    All the world is but a stage.

    Wake up people.

    I want the old America back before our government was overthrown.

  9. Just to be clear, I don’t doubt that $70k could be spent in PPE for responders to Ebola.

    My question is, with all that is going wrong in the world, how did we end up saving the county from Ebola?

    I mean with, homelessness, homeless vets, high taxes, litter, streets in need of repair, questionable government, drug abuse, drug legalization, the war on drugs, the war on terror, bullying, hunger, poor education, job loss, the war against police, guns, the war against guns, political races, racism, agism, water quality, climate change, climate change ‘deniers’ and Caitlin Jenner, how did the risk of Ebola get this much attention?

  10. No where does it say how the 70k will be spent.

    If the Feds are doing their job Eola should not come to McHenry county..if it does we won’t rely upon Centegra..most likely the people or perdon will be taken to one of the big hospitals in Chicago..

  11. The most recent outbreak was in Congo, which shares a porous border with Sudan.
    See CDC for more details.

    Ebola Virus Disease Distribution Map | Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever | CDC

    ( there was no outbreak in Nigeria or Sierra Leone until it happened either. The operative term in “Disaster preparedness ” is “preparedness”).

    Now we are in flu season and local ed’s cannot easily differentiate.

    Refresher courses for first line medical staff on infection precautions can mean the difference in containment of potential outbreak.

    and purchase of ppe can be unaffordable or impossible after the fact.

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