Huntley 20-Year Old Tries to Board School Bus

A press release from the Huntley Police Department:

Huntley Police charge 20 year old male after incident at school bus stop. Subject attempted to make entry to a school bus

This morning at approximately 7:00 am the Huntley Police Department responded to the Covington Lakes Subdivision in the area of Caldwell Dr. for the report of a male subject acting strangely.

A 20 year old male subject had attempted to enter a school bus at a bus stop.

He was denied entry by the bus driver.

The subject fled the scene and was apprehended quickly by Huntley Police officers.

He was charged with Disorderly Conduct and is currently being held at the McHenry County Corrections Facility.

The subject did not make any physical contact with any children on the bus or at the bus stop. The subject did not have any weapons and did not make any verbal threats of violence.


Huntley 20-Year Old Tries to Board School Bus — 9 Comments

  1. Name and description of alleged perpetrator ?

    What is there to hide ?

    People have the RIGHT to know what crimes are going on in their neighborhoods,
    and who is committing those crimes.

  2. Cal,

    Why should I or any other citizen / taxpayer have to call the
    HPD and beg them for information ?

    Is it not the responsibility / obligation of the HPD to share
    this information with the public so that they can
    be made aware of what is going on in their communities ?

    We have a right to know for the protection of all of Huntley’s residents.

  3. You can go the McHenry County Sheriff’s website, and look up anyone that they have in custody.

    You can search either by name or the date that they were brought to the jail.

    I won’t say the person’s name here, but the site does list a 20 year old who was arrested for disorderly conduct today.

  4. You’d be surprised how many people won’t call the police because they don’t want to “get involved”.

    Yes, for Pete’s sake – call the police.

  5. There is also a story about the incident on the NW Herald’s website.

    The story includes a mugshot.

  6. reference to calling the police for “Pete’s sake” meant the people at the bus stop should have called immediately.

    If you see something squirrely going on let the police sort it out instead of thinking about it.

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