School Tax Rates

The First Electric Newspaper has published school tax rate comparisons that some might find of interest.

From the emphasis on Algonquin (used to be Carpentersville) District 300, I’d suggest that’s the source.

2014 school tax rate comparisons.

2014 school tax rate comparisons.


School Tax Rates — 3 Comments

  1. I guess First Electric didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, by publishing this 2014 tidbit during the 156 strike.

  2. I guess FEN published it the morning after it was presented to the D300 Board, three days after D156 reached a tentative agreement.

    I guess FEN doesn’t cover McHenry, anyway.

    Other than that, you caught me red-handed, you clever devil.

  3. Not to worry Pete.

    I went to a Public School and was taught by Union Teachers, so I don’t understand what I read anyway.

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