14-Year Old Pulls Fire Alarm at School

From the Harvard Police blotter:


On 10-15-15 at 1430 hrs, a Harvard youth (m-14 yoa) was arrested for Disorderly Conduct after he activated a fire alarm at 1103 N. Jefferson St, Harvard High School, when there was no indication of a fire.

The youth was given a court date of 11-16-15 at 1330 hrs and released to his parents.


14-Year Old Pulls Fire Alarm at School — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve come to a point in life where a slap on the pinkie isn’t my preference for punishment in many cases.

    He chose to do this, it wasn’t an accident.

    He could have caused considerable injury to people evacuating the building or those dealing with the stress and fear.

    He simply lucked out.

    He isn’t a 2 year old, he is well aware of what he was doing.

    Yes, I’d get him counseling which he could access while he was locked up for quite awhile.

    Sorry parents – pinkie slaps don’t work now, If they ever did.

    I don’t think this is something to laugh about down the road when someone says, “Remember when Johnnie did this or that….”

  2. Jim, guess you either went to school long before me (~25 years ago) or in a really different area.

    In my day, HS false fire alarm “pullers” were dealt with severely.

    This is no prank–anonymous is right and some school shootings involved falsely pulling a fire alarm (Jonesboro).

  3. Seriously? I bet if that were the kid of a policeman, nothing would have happened.
    Why not just have him/his family pay for the cost of the error?
    Give me a break. Our police can be irrational these days.

    And you wonder why they aren’t “loved”.

    Take the woman in Baltimore who hit her kid who was intending on going to the anti-police rally. Had she hit him for any other reason, she would have been arrested. Since it was for the benefit of the police, she gets a hero’s reward.

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