Serwatka Has $71,000 Left

State Rep. candidate Paul Serwatka started off the third quarter of the year by putting $100,000 in his campaign fund.

Serwatka + Salgado Johnsburg 2014 Prim

Paul Serwatka was active in the Bill Prim for Sheriff campaign.

He has spent almost $30,000 of it.

That’s a high expenditure rate.

Expenditures include

  • $7,032 – signs
  • $5,100 – advertising on WIND-AM
  • $2,204 – unitemized purchases of under $150
  • $2,200 – Overflow Productions for ampaign video
  • $2,059 – airfare ($609 was refunded)
  • $2,000 –  Joe Tirio for graphic design
  • $1,000 – Ted Livengood
  • $1,970 – tee shirts
  • $1,500 – Michael Brown for media production
  • $500 – Illinois Family Institute
  • $388 – car rental in Virginia
  • $385 to unnamed Political Action Committees in amounts less than $150
  • $385 – website design
  • $369- Brochures
  • $250 – Friends of Tom Handysid, Zion
  • $196 – loan principal repayment
  • $191 – Google for web site
  • $154 – Hilton Hotels, Springfield
  • $150 – Buffalo Wild Wings, Columbus, Ohio

Serwatka is showing $99,803.40 as a loan to his campaign fund from himself.


Serwatka Has $71,000 Left — 5 Comments

  1. **$2,059 – airfare ($609 was refunded)**

    Yup…. it sure is a really big district.

    And advertising on WIND-AM in September?

    Great use of $$ there.

  2. dave, Joe Walsh’s loyalty does not come cheap.

    See also, the $$$ going to the Tirios.

    Then again, the $1,000 to Ted Livengood is puzzling.

    Ted was the former campaign manager or something for Joe Walsh’s 2010 congress campaign and co-signed a pretty nasty letter asking Joe to withdraw.

    Maybe Walsh and Livengood fixed their relationship.

    Maybe they still dislike/hate one another, but Joe is not the kind of guy to hold your association with the wrong people against you (which would be a breath of fresh air for McHenry County).

    If I recall correctly, didn’t the 2010 Livengood letter bring up a question as to whether Joe Walsh was artificially inflating campaign donations to intimidate the opposition?

    Considering that Setwatka is a Walsh acolyte, it may be worth your time to look into whether Paul is taking a play out of the Walsh playbook with his $100,000 personal donation.

  3. He is a rhino just like Walsh support him and support tirio and right wing far right

  4. Serwatka forced his wife to sell her breast milk to the highest bidder on the Internet.

    Who does that?!

  5. Looks like Serwatka spends like a drunken sailor.

    These expenses are overboard for this election.


    Speaks volumes.

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