Republican Leader Pushes “Retirement Tax”

Christine Radogno

Christine Radogno with Matt Murphy behind.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting the following:

[Republican Senate Leader Christine] Radogno said lawmakers likely will consider hiking the state income tax or taxing retirement income, rather than increasing the state sales tax or instituting a tax on services.

Meanwhile the St. Louis Business Journal is reporting,

Illinois lost 81,000 residents and $4.1 billion of annual taxable income during the 2013 tax year, according to an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) report.

That’s one resident and $50,000 of income every 6.5 minutes.

That’s a record.

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It appears that Govenror Bruce Rauner has given up on broadening the sales tax to cover services.

An income tax on retirement income cannot be passed without Republican votes.

Each has been asked their reaction to the proposal.

Local Republicans are

  • State Senator Pam Althoff
  • State Senator Dan Duffy
  • State Senator Karen McConnaughay
  • State Rep. Mike Tryon
  • State Rep. Barb Wheeler
  • State Rep. David McSweeney
  • State Rep. Steve Andersson

You can find phone numbers of the State Senators here.

Phone numbers for State Representatives can be found here.

And, yes, I have a personal interest in this.


Republican Leader Pushes “Retirement Tax” — 16 Comments

  1. If they choose to tax retirement income and don’t want to lose Illinois population they should tax retirement benefits paid to people who moved out of Illinois.

    Retired people who stay in Illinois pay sales tax, property tax etc which contribute to Illinois tax dollars while retired people who made their bigger retirement income in Illinois and choose to move to Tennessee, Kentucky or Florida or some other state should have to pay taxes to make up for that lost gas tax, sales tax and property tax.

    Also if they raise state taxes in general they will be doing just what Quinn did and they screamed bloody murder about.

  2. A state cannot impose a tax on someone who lives somewhere else, as far as I know.

  3. Are they trying to increase the exodus?

    Tennessee, Kentucky or Florida have strengths and total plans that are causing the moves to their state.

    The vacationer taxes (esp. Florida) help with their budgets.

    The legislator needs to work with Illinois strengths (have they listed and measured them?), fix the weaknesses (have they listed and measured them?), and use proven polices of successful states (Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio as examples, and of course list and measure) and start somewhere now.

    This has to be a total plan that can be implemented as they can.

    “I don’t need the full bible now, just give a chapter to start” quote from the movie Apollo 13. I don’t think a full “bible” plan is being proposed to handle all of the needed fixes though. Can the average citizen see the plan if there is one?

  4. Can’t tell you how many of my friends, neighbors and relatives were wondering if this tax would happen.

    They are prepped and ready to leave the state (some already have) including myself.

    Would not be a good thing for the State Sens. to go along with if they want to stay in office.

  5. You know it’s coming.

    The writing is on the wall – loud and clear.

    Now is the time to get out of Illinois if at all possible.

    Don’t become a political prisoner of the sate of Illinois.

    Join the Exodus … before it’s too late.

  6. So all this yakking about leaving the state, where are all the folks going to for decent taxes, health services, crime, weather, etc.?

    Don’t just spout about splitting – tell the rest of the folks what you researched and where you’re going.

    The lists of best states and worst states often contradict each other.

  7. karma, Quinn and pals raised spending at the same time, the extra taxation was no big deal IMO.

    Patty needed to buy votes, fell short thank god.

  8. Seriously looking into it right now.

    My kids want me there before all the grandkids move out.

    It’s beautiful and it doesn’t get nearly as cold! Cost of living is much less, too.

  9. Have already made the move from DeKalb, Illinois to Gilbert, Arizona.

    Worked 32 years for Northern Illinois University.

    Healthcare is great here and property taxes on a 1800 sq. ft. house are under $1200 per year.

    Made the move 4 years ago after my wife retired from the DeKalb Clinic.

    Main reason for moving to Arizona, couldn’t stand the cold winters anymore.

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