Wilbeck Running for County Board

Tom Wilbeck

Tom Wilbeck

Tom Wilbeck ran unsuccessfully for the McHenry County Board in District 2 a couple of years ago.

Then he ran a successful campaign for the McHenry County College Board, which comprises all of District 155.

Since then he moved out of the MCC District and left the board.

But not until being part of a coalition that kept the community colleges tax take the same as it was the year before.

Because there was some new construction, the result was that existing taxpayers should have seen a cut in their MCC taxes.

Ironically, the MCC administration has again recommended that it Board get as much money from us taxpayers as allowed by law.

Wilbeck had to pull teeth at the college to discover the extent of under-utilization of the facilities.

Now, Wilbeck wants to take his talents to the McHenry County Board.

Below is Wilbeck’s press release:

Tom Wilbeck to seek McHenry County Board  seat – District 1

Tom Wilbeck, has announced his candidacy for the McHenry County Board representing District 1 in the March 15, 2016 primary election.

Tom, trained in accounting and having spent his career in management in the financial services industry, offers proven leadership to
carefully review McHenry County’s fiscal policies.

Tom cites his priorities as maintaining strict controls on McHenry County spending, reducing its debt, creating jobs , and open and responsive representation.

“My community and its future development is critically important to me and I am committed to serving on the County Board and working collaboratively to advance policies that promote a high quality of life for McHenry County and lead the County forward to a prosperous future,” said Tom.

“I’d be honored to be the next representative for District 1 and would provide a fresh forward thinking and practical voice.”

Tom resides in Barrington Hills, is married to Sharon Wilbeck and is the father of four grown children, all of whom have attended McHenry County schools.

Tom has resided in McHenry County for over 20 years.

Tom has proudly served as an elected Seneca Township Trustee and most recently as a Trustee at McHenry County College.

Volunteers and supporters are welcome.  Contact us at twwilbeck@gmail.com

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Those up for re-election in District 1 are Anna May Miller and Yvonne Barnes.


Wilbeck Running for County Board — 17 Comments

  1. Tom Wilbeck has one of the best business minds I’ve seen in government. He is always looking for ways to save the taxpayers’ money.

    And he refuses to be buffaloed by the bureaucracy. When he decides he needs information from staff to make an informed decision, he doesn’t let them off the hook — he gets the information he needs.

    The County Board would be significantly improved with someone of Tom’s caliber.

  2. Good for you, Tom.

    The citizens would greatly benefit having you on the County Board.

    This man is a very good choice.

  3. We already have one fake Republican from District 1 with Gasser, we don’t need two.

    Anna May Miller is the logical choice.

  4. How is A. Gasser a ‘fake Republican’?

    Millers are democrats in republican’s clothing, you idiot.

    Logical choice? For what?

    Thanks, Tom for stepping up!

  5. Landon Freize, do true Rep’s or is it true Dem vote for tax increases?

    Since the Consolidation issue was a known tax increase, with little or no other numbers and facts to be anything else of value yet, Gasser voted for putting a tax increase on the ballot, and Miller voted against the tax raise, who is the real Rep?

    Andrew tends to put emotion before logic way to often, a weakness for sure.

  6. Wilbeck campaign piece suggestion:

    Picture of Mrs. Miller with the following caption:

    She earns in excess of $87,000 (taxpayer dollars) as an Administrative Assistant for Algonquin Township Road District.

    She is the current Chairperson of the McHenry County Transportation (Highway) Committee and is paid about $21,000 for this so-called part-time job.

    How can she do both while properly representing her district? Is there a conflict of interest?

    Vote for Wilbeck and Barnes to allow her full-time dedication to Township work.

  7. Nob- the name is appropriate.

    The consolidation vote had noting to do with a tax increase.

    The ONLY way taxes would increase is if THE TOWNSHIP ELECTED OFFICIALS in the combined townships decided to keep the higher tax rate.

  8. In 2013, I volunteered on Tom Wilbeck and the slate’s campaign for MCC Board to stop the then proposed expansion. Wilbeck, Jenner and Walsh made good on their campaign promise and taxpayers were relieved. (Until now with mention of a new expansion proposal)

    I have full confidence that Tom would help bring fiscal sanity to the McHenry County Board.

    I am excited to hear of his intentions to run for a seat in District 1.

  9. Nob – you are a Miller/Township “toady”.

    You are sooooooo obvious.

  10. Nob, Consolidation isn’t KNOWN to increase taxes.

    The consolidation report was poorly executed by Schofield.

    She had no business heading that committee. Gasser did NOT vote to put a tax increase on the ballot. (if that’s the case it would be voted down-so what’s your worry with that?)

    I’ll tell you what’s going on here with this. Present Township employees (and their many family members getting rich off the taxpayer) don’t want consolidation because that would mean they would have to run against someone. In contested elections many improprieties of current elected officials come to light.

    That’s why you, and the Millers etc don’t want that to happen.

    Gasser and other conservatives voted to let the citizens of McHenry County decide whether ‘consolidation’ should be on the ballot in their hands. (rather than left to the bureaucrats).

    The ones that voted against it perhaps have something to lo$e if consolidation was to be voted in by the citizens.

    AND Miller did NOT vote against raising taxes-she voted against putting consolidation on the ballot and voted FOR keeping her fiefdom!

  11. Cautious, I think Tom Wilbeck’s campaign piece could’ve been worded better to really showcase what the Millers are doing and why we should vote for him.

  12. Landon Frieze you like to throw rocks and call people names, I’m trying to discuss the facts as presented.

    I posted this on this blog a few times, maybe you missed it:

    I can’t speak to all of Carol’s qualifications as I’ve never really talk to her or any of the other candidates for that matter.

    On the issue of how she handled the Consolidation issue as chair and her eventual vote against it at least at this time I am posting a comment and reply to that issue:


    The Case Wasn’t Made For Township Consolidation

    Posted on October 7, 2015 by Steve Reick

    Today’s vote by the McHenry County Board to deny the motion to put township consolidation on the March 2016 primary ballot came as a surprise to some, but was, in my opinion, the correct one.

    I’ve said all along that I don’t know if consolidation would lower taxes or raise them, but I could not support putting the measure on the ballot unless the proponents made their case. They didn’t.

    I couldn’t support a leap of faith to change things from what they are now on the strength of some vague promise that their claims would prove to be correct.

    Without hard numbers to back up their claims of cost savings, the proponents were left to say that they preferred leaving the issue to the voters, saying that between today and the primary, both sides would make their cases. They said that they didn’t want to stand in the way of the voters by denying them their voice on the matter.

    What they failed to understand was that the voters have spoken, they spoke when they elected the members of the County Board to do what governing bodies in a representative republic are supposed to do: they’re supposed to examine the issues and make decisions as to what is and is not in the best interest of the County. They are, in effect, the gatekeepers to the voters’ best interests.

    That’s where those who supported this measure failed. They were repeatedly asked to make their case, they had ample opportunity to examine the claims of cost savings and to show us that what they proposed would accomplish those savings. Those numbers were there before we got to today’s vote, and they’ll be there tomorrow. But today was the day that mattered, and they came up short.

    Having failed to prove their case, they were left with nothing more than an appeal to emotion. The people of this country are justifiably outraged at government at all levels. An appeal to the emotions of an outraged citizenry is certain to gather support.

    But again, it’s the job of our elected representatives to overlook emotion, and to do what is in our best interest without passion or prejudice.

    It’s the job of the members of the County Board to to represent us, it’s what we elected them to do. Today, those who voted “no” did their job.

    Responses to The Case Wasn’t Made For Township Consolidation

    1. Paul Serwatka says:

    October 7, 2015 at 12:22 am

    I wholeheartedly agree!

    I’d like to add that candidate Wilbrandt was throwing rocks at Schofield when I doubt he could of handled that mess any better and was wrong on that issue.

    We don’t need more rock throwers as elected officials, rather people willing to disagree and work out issues instead.

    I’ve yet to read Sillicorn’s take/position on that issue, a smart move to just stay out of it for now?

    Summarizing, two candidate think the consolidation effort was proposed wrong and a need to have more info before a vote, one throwing rocks rushing a vote, and one on the sidelines.

  13. I also over heard Steve talking to Andrew about that, and wonder how Andrew reacted as I left before the conversation was over.

    I voted for Andrew and may again, if I think he can keep emotion out of his voting.

    Since the economic turn down emotions have been high, that needs to be gotten under control by logically changing our gov with no tax increases.

    IMO, the only real way to get real tax savings is with service cuts.

    So which services you personally receive from gov are you willing to have cut?

  14. What service will be cut if the Valley Hi levy is eliminated?

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