MCC Set to Tax to the Max

Since McHenry County College was scheduled to hear the recommendation of its finance guy Bob Tentua last night, I thought I’d spread some warm fuzzies about my and other taxpayers’ appreciation that the Board had kept last year’s tax burden the same as the year’s before.

MCC has been doing county government one better by not even trying to capture the assessed valuation coming from new growth, that is, new construction.

The result is that the same amount of tax take is spread over more assessed valuation, which actually is supposed to result in a lower community college real estate tax bill for existing property owners.

Naturally, I asked the Board members to follow last year’s example and keep the tax levy flat.

Not that I expected Tentua to make that recommendation, because he, as the direction of outgoing President Vicky Smith undoubtedly, has recommending taxing the max every year Smith has been college President.

Here’s what was put on the screen while the tax hike proposal was being outlined:

The slide shows that MCC bureaucrats want to extract as much money from our pockets as possible.

The slide shows that MCC bureaucrats want to extract as much money from our pockets as possible.


MCC Set to Tax to the Max — 9 Comments

  1. The destruction of the middle class through property tax extortion in McHenry County continues unabated.

    Have a great weekend everybody !

  2. The objective is to bankrupt everyone.

    This is Agenda 21 tactics, make no mistake; the cabal is going to take you down whether you realize it or not.

  3. The past 2 years MCC has had a flat levy and the college has performed quite well actually.

    No problems arose.

    NO to a levy increase.

    Come on trustees!

    Enrollment is down, population projections are down AND the taxpayers are way down!

    Expansion is no way warranted.

    Cuts though, are warranted throughout.

    Look closely again at my classroom utilization study.

    It’s on record.

    Things have not changed.

    There are many internal – easy answers.

    Come on trustees it is common sense to just say NO.

    Look who you represent and do what the people expect.

  4. Keep up the good work Andrew.

    The sad part is vicki smith has been here all of these years with her increase taxes attitude every year.

    She belongs with brueder at CoD.

    They sound like they came out of the same mold.

  5. Why do these colleges always hire leaders from other states.

    Packard came from California and Smith from Kansas.

    We need to hire local people first.

    Then they would be connected to the community and realize property taxes here are outrageous and there are not even good paying jobs in McHenry County.

  6. Tony miksa is an excellent internal/local candidate that can step right in to the presidency.

    He’s been around and knows the landscape and handles himself very well.

    They could have saved more consultant money by dong that simple task.


    What exactly does Tony know his way around other than his smart phone – which he is constantly playing with.

    He doesn’t live in the market STILL.

    Has been looking for a job on the taxpayer dime for quite some time.

    Name a single successful project/initiative he has accomplished in his tenure at MCC.

    What a JOKE.

  8. Hats off to Trustees Jenner, Parrish, Smith and Tirio for speaking up for the taxpayer!

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