Hot Contest Expected for GOP Committeemen Slots

As those who follow Republican politics know, the Establishment was outworked by those grouped around McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi in the last Primary Election.

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

Not only did Bill Prim narrowly beat Establishment-endorsed Chief Deputy Sheriff Andy Zinke, but enough people were elected Precinct Committeeman to allow the first outsider in over fifty years to gain control of the Republican Party.

The result was the election of former County Board member Sandra Salgado as County Chairman at the biennial convention.

It is at that convention where the side with elected committeemen having the most number of votes win control of the party apparatus for the next two years.

Mark Daniel

Mark Daniel

Sandy Salgado

Sandy Salgado

Even before the Bianchi supporters energized supporters of township government with the proposal to consolidate townships, Mark Daniel, who was defeated by Salgado for GOP Chairman, and Geri Davis, the long-time Executive Director of the party, were actively seeking candidates, even (maybe especially) against leaders of the opposition.

With the deadline for filing Precinct Committeeman petitions being about a month off, activity on both sides is increasing.

The long-time Establishment is trying to re-establish its power.

Working with the supporters of township government is McHenry County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller, who voted against allowing voters to have referendums on township consolidation.

Gottemoller looking left talking

Mike Walkup

Mike Walkup

Gottemoller’s opponent McHenry County Board member Mike Walkup is on the other side of the issue..

Anyone, of course, can run for Precinct Committeeman.

It only takes ten good signatures to get on the ballot, although I recommend candidates obtain twenty so they don’t get kicked off the ballot for lack of enough signatures.

And, if one uses two petition pages, number them 1 and 2 and staple them together with one’s Statement of Candidacy.

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Hot Contest Expected for GOP Committeemen Slots — 13 Comments

  1. How will Gerry recruit candidates without her bosses being able to spread around George Ryan corrupt money?

    Notice that the Goode Olde Boyz are losing pretty consistantly these days.

  2. Those voted to leadership positions in the McHenry County Republican Party promised many things in order to takeover.

    It is unfortunate the already dysfunctional McHenry County Republican Party has become even more segregated.

    True conservatives in the party (including precinct committeemen)should be banding together to weed out the RINOs instead of fighting with each other.

  3. The Lou Crew needs to get their act together, their last performance with Consolidation was lacking.
    Perhaps a real plan with complete numbers would of worked, but tax increases, not so much.

  4. Buck the establishment RINOs out of office. The establishment Repubs are Democrats. They are never going to unite with the Reformers. The Reformers are the true Conservatives. If you’re going to be a follower, at least follow the right people! Conservatism is the only way we’ll thrive. If we don’t go that route now, Austerity will be necessary and if that must happen-no one will be happy!

  5. “The Rat” Walkup is a Democrat who is so sleazy he is trying to pass himself off as a Republican to get a regular paycheck.

    The only thing Gottmoeller has done right is beat him for precinct committeeman.

  6. Kelly Liebman has the right idea.

    There aren’t any leaders to step up and do the job though, sadly enough.

  7. Yup-apparently the “old good-ol-boys” are gone, and a batch of “new good-ol-boys” are now in charge.

    Now, a NEW group of haters of the “new-ol-boys (and girls)” can fire up their laptops!!

  8. The social programs are counter productive; they make people more dependent on public charity instead of their own efforts.

  9. Explain third and fourth generation welfare families Dave.

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