Gottemoller + 3 Interview Applicants to Replace Koehler Thursday

Ken Koehler

Ken Koehler

1 o’clock is the time to be at the McHenry County Administrative Building if you want to hear the candidates to replace Board member Ken Koehler interviewed  by County Board members.

Chairman Joe Gottemoller will head the interview.

He appointed Koelher to the Metra Board with the County Board’s approval.

He can recommend anyone he wishes, although the local Republican Party said its choice was long-time Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen.

Besides the Board Chairman, Gottemoller has selected District 2 member Jim Heisler, District 6 member Michele Aavang and Mike Skala, a close Gottemoller ally.

It would be interesting to compare the questions asked by the Republican interview committee members with those asked by the County Board members.


Gottemoller + 3 Interview Applicants to Replace Koehler Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. Watch this one carefully. If Joe Gottemollar chooses Cameron Hubbard, it is a clear indicator that he is a granting nepotistic political favor to the old guard.

    It will also show that he prefers a “yes” man who won’t challenge him, over the experienced, independent, and conscientious Jeff Thorsen.

  2. I am hopeful Joe will go with the recommendation of the Party.

    We did our due diligence on this.


    Andrew Gasser
    McHenry County Board, District 1
    McHenry County Republican Central Committee, Vice Chairman

  3. There was a rumor circulating at the EDC dinner this week that the Party had somehow injected itself into this process unbidden.

    This is not the case.

    Joe G. had specifically asked the GOP leadership to conduct interviews.

    This can be verified by listening to the tapes of the Chairman Remarks sections of either or both of the October County Board meetings.

  4. All the samo, samo, stagnet townies, except for Thorsen, lets just see how much G, wants to keep HIS position.

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