Dave Bachmann Gets Vehicle, on Pancreas Transplant List

Dave Bachmann is a very happy man today.

Nov 1st I reported that there was a Facebook page hoping to raise money to buy a $500 car to take him to palliative and life sustaining treatments. Here he explains how his plea for help unfolded and how grateful he is today to so many:

Bachmann vehicleIt all started with a Facebook post that said I needed help.

I expected only my closest friends to reply.

“I need to find a reliable car for $500 to take me to get my palliative and life sustaining treatments. I don’t care what it looks like. It just has to be a good runner.”

Joe Tirio, President of Monarch Senior Care, is also busy running for an elected office in McHenry County.

Joe is seeking the office of McHenry County Recorder. See him at IWontHireMyWife.com.

Karen Tirio, his other half, is an elected official as she sits on the Board of Trustees at McHenry County College. Karen
and Joe work very hard building their business together at Monarch Senior Care.

Karen and Joe read my plea for help finding a $500 car and jumped right in and I want to share our progress with you,
my friends.

Joe said a $500 car couldn’t be expected to take me to TX and back and still be running.

So they set out to get me funds for a car I had seen for $1,200. but it had lots of miles on it.

They set up a 10 day emergency fund raising page on Facebook ‘WHEELS FOR LIFE” Benefit for Dave Bachmann.

The hope then was to be able to get a $4,000 car (a car that would last and maybe some extra for gas, lodging).

David Bachmann from the middle of the last decade.

David Bachmann

“I received great news!

“I am able to get on the list for pancreatic transplant and am in need of that car more than ever.

“It will have to take me from my home to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas where I was treated back in 2002.

“Cal Skinner wrote a profile story about my 2002 cancer center experience.

“Perhaps you had already read that story?

“I have never asked for help my entire life.

“However my life depends upon my ability to get from my home in Galena, Illinois to my doctors or I will not make it.”

Karen and Joe raised $5,100 dollars within the first five days!……by day eight, they had helped to raise over $8,000!

Then an UPDATE: November 9th I received most excellent news.

My doctors ALL agreed, and are now going to put me in line for a pancreatic transplant!

And I’ll be able to get it done in Madison, Wisconsin rather than having to go down to Houston, Texas.

All my prayers are being answered……

I now have a CAR, and funds for repairs, gas, lodging and hopefully some in home help when I get home.

Recovering will not be easy especially since I live alone.

This is really going to happen friends!!!

I have more tests to go through and such, but the biggest hurdle has just been past as of today!!!

God bless all my friends who have donated.

My expenses will be incredibly high, but with a “Little Help From My Friends,” we have lift off!

Don’t you think you ought to vote for these amazing people to care for your tax dollars?

I now know I can trust them with my LIFE….Now

I feel as though I have a fighting chance. It was only fourteen days ago, all I saw was darkness.

Karen and Joe Tirio

Karen and Joe Tirio

Joe and Karen, and many in McHenry County who have donated thus far, please know that I am so overwhelmed by your generosity.

You have helped to settle my nerves and stress which in turn is healthy for me.

For this, I ask God to bless you as he has blessed me with your friendship and your gift of hope.

Donations can be sent to Dave
David Bachmann c/o Monarch Senior Care
234 Main Street
Woodstock, IL 60098


May be donated to thru Paypal account at batman61036@gmail.com

Together we will reach our target goal. Life is worth any gift you can afford to provide. May God bless your life as you have blessed mine.


You can read the original plea for help at Cal Skinners Blog, the McHenrycountyblog.com or use the link I have provided below.


Dave Bachmann Gets Vehicle, on Pancreas Transplant List — 9 Comments

  1. Joe & Karen Tirio are just great people, people who you can always count on, people who go out of their way to help others.

  2. DAVE!!! Thanks for the ‘shout outs’, it wasn’t necessary.

    The generous and timely donations are a testament to the love, admiration and gratitude people of McH County have for you, along with the kindness of strangers who were moved by your story.

    We all really want you to be well and whole again!

    Looking forward to meeting you in person one day soon.

    Hopefully you will continue to get donations to help, as you still have a really long road ahead of you.

    Cal thank you for publishing ‘the way to continue to support Dave’ at the end of your follow-up story.

    Any amount will help with the many needs he will have going forward.

    Too bad he’s not in McHenry County so we could help with his Home Care.

    Wheels for LIFE Benefit for Dave Bachmann is also on Facebook at the link below:


    Many thanks to everyone !

  3. They are amazing Steve.

    This event has been very professionally run.

    Joe and Karen have made certain this gets done with class and dignity.

    I am eternally grateful!

    Thank you!


  4. God help and watch over the people who Dave lied to just because he didn’t have a wife to buy his car for him.

  5. Nice try Clyde…But being the fair minded person I am, I left my wife with my brand new, Ford Focus, a 2015, loaded up….after what she has done, I’d say I was rather generous!

    Thanks for playing Clyde but you are so a person I don’t even care to know.

  6. I thought all the creepers had gone away, looks like Clyde wants that status to come back and to him.

    Well Clyde your lack of character shows in that comment and creeping around in the middle of the night adds to that thought.

  7. Cal authenticates stories before posting.

    If you want to know more about Dave, Cal has posted many a story on him. Use search bar.

    Pray for him, don’t pounce on him, especially when the guy is down.

    All our best for a successful transplant, Mr Bachmann.

    Glad good people of the county came to your aid!

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