Message of the Day – A Traffic Stop

Folks know when they drive through Bull Valley that they should not exceed the speed limit.

But how many know that Route 12 south of Wonder Lake is Bull Valley territory?

Here’s evidence that one should not speed on Route 120:

A Bull Valley Policeman pulls over a motorist near Thompson Road on Route 120.

A Bull Valley Policeman pulls over a motorist near Thompson Road on Route 120.

Watch out for “enhanced enforcement” over Thanksgiving Week.


Message of the Day – A Traffic Stop — 8 Comments

  1. As a society, we have continuous enforcement of speed limits but when it comes to the impact on security of the country due to illegal plus legal immigration, we turn our heads. We pay more attention to a kid eating a pop tart!

  2. Thanks, for the head up Cal.

    How about a ticket for the white car crossing the double yellow line!


  3. “Revenue Enhancement” is of the utmost importance in Illinois.

    Just wait until law enforcement starts confiscating your property/vehicles, then you’ll really have something to squawk about.

    The fines for minor traffic violations are already onerous and are used to finance various government programs.

  4. Bull Valley has a long history of writing tickets outside their village boundaries.

    On Walkup Avenue, they only have about 20 feet roadway, but the signs are improperly placed.

    If you are stopped anywhere near the edges of the village, check with the Township Highway Commissioner to verify who has jurisdiction at the stop of the infraction, and get a letter from him attesting that the section of road was not in Bull Valley.

  5. Concerned Citizen is RIGHT ON! These tiny town tyrants have quotas to make each month … plus they get strange ‘bonuses’ for exceeding their imposed ‘target numbers.’

    McHenry (city) used to give vacations. Maybe they still do!

  6. Justice from bull valley police dept.

    √ it out on Facebook.

    Just-us and the life ruining is coming to an end.

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