Diane Evertsen Sticking to Term Limits Pledge

Diane Evertsen

Diane Evertsen

When she ran for the McHenry County Board, District 6 candidate Diane Evertsen said she would serve only two terms.

McHenry County Blog has verified today that she will not be running for re-election.

“I promised constituents 2 terms & am currently finishing my second. Term limits can work to give other qualified individuals an opportunity to serve,” she wrote.

Filing so far for the two empty seats are

  • Kelly Liebmann
  • Preston Rae
  • Ersel Schuster

Mary McCann’s term is also expiring.

She and other candidates for this or any other office, including Precinct Committeeman, can file at the County Clerk’s Office before the 5 PM deadline.


Diane Evertsen Sticking to Term Limits Pledge — 15 Comments

  1. Diane is a straight shooter that represents her district well!

    She will be hard to replace!

    Thank you for your service DIANE!

  2. Congratulations Diane! I have always enjoyed our conversations and your perspective on issues facing McHenry County.

  3. Ms. Evertsen gets it.

    We do not need entrenched politicians at any level of government, especially serving at the local level.

    Thank you for serving and for giving someone else a chance to serve in your seat.

    Sticking to your promise of 2 terms says a lot about you not only
    as a politician but as a person.

  4. She voted No on a everything what service is that.

    You have to realize that we need good Governance not obstructionism. Good ridens we need people who are willing to understand the issues and Vote not No for No’s sake

  5. Maybe Ersel should follow this example.

    She has served a lot more than 2 terms in office.

  6. Diane, Mike Walk up and others made big speeches about nepotism when the husband was hired to do voting machines for the county, but failed to really do anything about that problem since.

    Where’s the beef as Cal would say?

  7. She’s the best! But the poor taxpayers of McHenry Co. might get stuck with Jordan-puppet and poser Preston.

    Diane please reconsider.

  8. You need to bark at the legislative arena.

    County officials are constitutional officers with a lot of discretionary power.

  9. Stand4truth Diane’s voting record shows she is a conservative. Conservatives do not vote in favor spending other people’s money wastefully.
    Schuster is another conservative. RINOs do not like conservatives. RINOs resort to name calling.
    Just look at who supported Township Consolidation – RINOs. Consolidations would have resulted in bigger government. The GOP platform calls for smaller government.

  10. It was an honor and pleasure to serve with you Diane!

    You insights and knowledge of the county will be thoroughly missed.

    Best of luck to Ev and you and on to another adventure.

  11. After the dude was hired, after the barking from the crowd, Chuck’s rant about multiple family members working for a municipality, were was the action in committee for some type of real corrective action?

    When was the meeting with all the local state reps to get legislation passed to correct the nepotism problem?

    Was Rauner contacted or was a resolution presented about nepotism like was presented in favor of Bruce’s anti union stuff?

    Where is the bite that follows the bark?

  12. Question- How many terms do you need to serve to qualify for the pension?

  13. Not sure about elected officials, but tier #1, Diane maybe, 8 years.

    Newer tier #2, 10 years.

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