Mark Kirk Gets GOP Primary Opponent James Marter

A press release from Republican U.S. Senate candidate James Marter:

James T. Marter, Republican, successfully files for U.S. Senate with 9,193 signatures!

Oswego, IL – –  James T. Marter, Republican candidate files for U.S. Senate 2016, Illinois.

A very BIG THANK YOU to everyone that circulated and signed my petitions across the State of ILLINOIS!   I hope you know you have my appreciation and gratitude.

My Campaign started 64 Days ago, on Sept. 20th with a passion and a premise that the people of the State of Illinois should have a Senator who is looking out for them and not powerful corporations or lobbyists.

My campaign has grown exponentially since day one, now it is statewide with over 162 volunteer, grass roots circulators from more than 42 different counties and many more active supporters on board!

Today we filed with 9,193 signatures in 72 of 102 counties on 678 pages of petitions!  More arrived which would have exceeded 10,000 signatures!   The quality of these signers are solid, registered, republican and independent voters!

Special thanks to all of the County and Township Republican Central Committee Chairmen and Precinct Committeemen, and Liberty Loving patriot based organizations who circulated petitions and invited me to their meetings and events.

Against all odds, phase one is nearly complete and has been a phenomenal success made possible by the people who came out to support my campaign!  I know we share many common concerns that are facing our nation today.

We need to work together to bring the original purpose of our constitution and limited government back to our great nation, and return to our country’s foundations of LIFE and Liberty.

Your support is so important in keeping my campaign moving swiftly to victory in the Primary (phase two) on March 15th, 2016

Please volunteer, support, contribute and invest in my campaign at  www.Marter4Senate.US or mail contributions made payable to my committee: James Marter for United States Senate, PO Box 271, Oswego IL 60543

It is the RIGHT time to send a Senator to Washington D.C. whose first interest is the Liberty and Security of the American Citizen Taxpayer!


Mark Kirk Gets GOP Primary Opponent James Marter — 3 Comments

  1. Time to replace Mark.

    He’s been tag teaming with voted for 18T Richie Durbin since his stroke.

    No one needs to be replaced more than the two Debt Enlarging Maniacs from IL.

  2. I find it difficult to believe that Kirk actually flew military

    He just doesn’t impress me as being all that competent.

  3. This is great news.

    Kirk is the quintessential failed RINO who ran for office for his own personal gain.

    He is a disgrace.

    Mr. Marter seems like a great candidate.

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