Dan Regna Files for State’s Attorney

Dan Regna

Dan Regna

Former State’s Attorney candidate Dan Regna filed at the last moment on the last day of filing for the same office.

When the election season began, it appeared that it would be a second face off with incumbent Lou Bianchi.

But, with Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally filing for the office this morning, it is looking more likely that Bianchi will not run for re-election.

Bianchi has said a statement will be forthcoming on Tuesday.


Dan Regna Files for State’s Attorney — 5 Comments

  1. As a mom I’d rather not vote for someone who has spent more time defending criminals and sex offenders than prosecuting them.

    How much actual experience does he even have as a prosecutor?

    Seems to me little to none let alone enough to run an entire office.

    There’s a reason he didn’t win the last time he ran.

    Here’s hoping he falls flat again.

  2. Just remember what Dan’s surname spelled backwards means!

  3. So Gary Pack’s Stooge has filed again.

    More wrongful Death Penalty convictions reversed.

    More political prosecutions.

    More sex harassment cases to be paid for by the Taxpayers.

    If you liked Gary Pack, Regna is your choice.

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