Franks’ Phantom GOP Candidate Strategy Thwarted, Reick Running Again

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Steven Reick

Steven Reick

As reported earlier, petitions were being circulated this past week in McHenry for a 72-year old McHenry Democrat named Jeffrey Lichte.

For obvious reasons, the man is not known in Republican circles.

Lichte filed Monday afternoon at 2:45.

But, the man who ran against Jack Franks in 2014 filed an hour an a half before at 1:15.

In an article posted on his blog “Illoyances” the day before the beginning of filing, Reick announced that he was not going to run again.

He wrote that he and some volunteers had been passing petitions because he

wanted to find out what kind of support I could hope to get from the State GOP and the Rauner political operation, knowing that without their material support, I couldn’t compete with the resources that Jack Franks could throw into the campaign.

Today I found out what I could expect: nothing.

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

He continued,

While I’m disappointed, I can’t say I’m surprised.

In 2014, the Republicans had the wind at their backs, yet Mike Madigan held serve on every seat he had in the House. With a Presidential year coming up, the odds of the Republicans doing anywhere near as well are considerably less.

While I think I could have built on my 2014 results and made Franks have to defend this seat, to try to do so without a significant infusion of campaign funds, far beyond what I could contribute or raise from those who supported me in 2014 was unrealistic. It would also have been unfair.

As one donor who’s a good friend of mine said: “If your own party won’t step up and help, is it fair to ask me?”

No, it’s not.

Reick also reported on a flyer that had been mailed in his district by a no name group calling itself “The Commission on Fiscal Responsibility.”

The November hit piece on Steve Reich.

The November hit piece on Steve Reich.

While the mailing tracks nowhere, similar negative pieces have shown up before attacking Jack Franks’ opponents.

So, what happened to change Reick’s mind?

Stay tuned.


Franks’ Phantom GOP Candidate Strategy Thwarted, Reick Running Again — 11 Comments

  1. It’s going to be tough beating all the out of district $$$$$ Jack gets.

  2. It will be tough to beat Franks, not so much because of the money, but because so many people think Jack Franks is Republican!

    You won’t believe the amount of idiot Republicans who put Franks signs in their yards!

    He’s definitely a good ‘politician.’

    If we the voters AND the GOP get behind Reick, he could win.

    Last time the GOP didn’t get behind their own Republican Candidate and we Franks…again!

    that voted with Madigan and continued the downward spiral that is killing Illinois.

  3. Franks sends out his minions after midnight, and when you wake up, you see a see of blue in your neighborhood.

    Jack does not ASK permission he just does it. (Puts a sign in every yard his minions can walk)

    Here is the sad truth…. MOST people don’t know who is who and they don’t want to know.

    What percentage of people vote??

    My father a hard core Rebublican who faced his chair towards “Fox News” 24/7, bragged about the fact that he never voted….then he bitched about how ‘things are,’ and took ilk for my political participation in the process.

    Of course “Unbelievable” people realize Jack Franks is a Democrat, his name is under the title of “Democrat” on the ballot….that theory you present is nonsensical at its base.

    Folks just check the box anyway….why, because Jack Franks is a whale of a salesman and nobody can say he isn’t.

    You might not like his down state voting record, but, I have to say, he votes on the lines of his constituents at home, and he comes from an older, established part of the county who vote for a ‘folksy’ guy who they turn to in time of distress….and if Jack Franks needs to be ‘folksy’ to win, then ‘folksy’ he shall be.

    It’s not the money you must beat, you must take on the man… that gets done apparently is anybody’s guess.

    But you’re going to have to figure out how to out folks the fox!

    I rest.

  4. I’m glad Steve Reick is running!

    Let’s show Franks the door!

    Come on Republicans, we can do better than Franks!

  5. Why should anybody be surprised at what a fraud Jacko is to run a sclerotic minion under false pretenses!

    Poor ‘lil democrats! … now they have a real tough decision to make:

    Do they vote for Witch Hillary or Commissar Sanders in the Demo primary ….

    or do they take a Republican primary ballot to vote for the ersatz Republican codger, a/k/a Frank’s eccentric parade chauffeur-wheelman?

  6. This will be a presidential year and McHenry County will come out with a big Republican plurality.

    All Dems will be endangered in 2016 in McHenry County and every suburban and rural county in the country.

    Let the election begin.

  7. The Jeffery Lichte story reminds me of something I witnessed a long time ago.

    At that time I lived in the People’s Soviet of Oak Park, and a man by the name of John Garofalo, who was a Republican, ran for trustee of Triton College.

    Amazingly, just before the deadline to file passed, a SECOND John Garofalo submitted his papers to be on the ballot!

    He never put up a single sign.

    He never appeared at a single meeting.

    He never distributed a single piece of literature.

    He never responded to the newspapers’ requests for interviews.

    But when the Chicago Tribune finally tracked him down at his house, he assured them he was a serious candidate — and then closed the door.

    It worked.

    The voters were confused, the vote was split, and the incumbents retained control.

    It’s nice to see that some things never change.

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