Mike Madigan Political Strategy in Jack Franks’ District

The billboard near Jack Franks' Route 47 office that seems to have stimulated Franks to seek Jack Schaffer's resignation from the Metra Board.

Here’s the billboard that sent State Rep. Jack Franks ballistic when John O’Neill ran against him in 2010. The figures would obviously be much higher now.

Somebody thinks State Rep. Jack Franks is in trouble.

Besides me, I mean.

Looking at his winning margin drop below 60% without appreciable support from the state party folks or from gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner makes me think that Franks is vulnerable.

He has cast all sorts of votes that could be attacked since he took office in 1999.

And, then there is where he gets his money.

Mainly from outside of McHenry County, if one doesn’t count the high family donations–which make up the bulk of his half million campaign fund balance.

House Speaker Mike Madigan regularly puts up a phantom candidate on the Republican Party primary ballot who does nothing.

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

After last year’s Republican candidate Steve Reick announced he would not be running again this year on his blog, a Democrat named Jeffrey Lichte’s name appeared on petitions to run as a Republican against Franks.

McHenry Township Republican Chairman Steve Rooney just happened to be shopping an Angelo’s supermarket and saw the petition.

He’s the one who identified “the fake Republican candidate being pushed by Chicago agents,”

When Rooney questioned the “boss man,” whom he thinks was named Jack Keating, “could not provide details of the candidate and then fled the scene.

“It appeared 4-8 people from Chicago’s South Side (Midlothian, Flossmoor) were collecting at Angelos, Jewel, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

“One British man with a 4-day beard and rotten teeth and long black coat, two black men and the boss (white American in his 30’s).”

The petitioners were reportedly being paid $2 per signature.

Litche’s GOP Precinct Committeeman thinks he is Jack Franks’ driver.

If Litche is not challenged in the Republican Primary, he will be the party’s nominee, regardless of his being a Jack Franks’ plant.

Otherwise, the party could use the caucus-petition route that it denied Tonya Franklin when she was willing to run against Franks in 2012.


Mike Madigan Political Strategy in Jack Franks’ District — 3 Comments

  1. Great work, Steve Rooney.

    The democrats never seize trying to deceive.

    If they’d put as much energy into voting on behalf of the citizens of IL, this place wouldn’t be on the the most corrupt States list.

  2. I was actually tipped off by Committeeman Andy Glab.

    Thank you Mr. Glab.

  3. Glad to hear that Steve is running against the other “Republican” in the primary.

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