23 Republicans, 5 Democrats Run for 12 County Board Seats

The McHenry County Board meets on the second floor of the Administration Building.

The McHenry County Board meets on the second floor of the Administration Building.

Here are the final filings for the Republican Primary Election for McHenry County Board:

District 1

  • Yvonne Barnes, Cary
  • Anna May Miller, Cary
  • Terence Ferenc, Fox River Grove
  • Tom Wilbeck, Barrington Hills

District 2

  • Cameron Hubbard, Crystal Lake
  • John Reinert, Crystal Lake
  • Jeff Thorsen, Crystal Lake

District 3

  • Nancy Gonsiorek, Crystal Lake
  • Nick Provenzano, McHenry
  • Cherie Reickert, McHenry
  • Michael Walkup, Crystal Lake

District 4

  • Kay Bates, McHenry
  • Sue Draffkorn, Wonder Lake
  • Craig Wilcox, McHenry

District 5

  • Joseph Calomino, Lake in the Hills
  • Michael Skala, Huntley
  • Andrew “Andy” Snarski, Crystal Lake

District 6

  • Kelly Liebmann, Wonder Lake
  • Ersel Schuster, Harvard
  • Preston Rea, Harvard
  • James Kearns, Huntley
  • Mary McCann, Woodstock

The five Democrats on the ballot without opposition can be found below:

District 1

Kerri Barber, Cary

District 2

Dominque Miller, Crystal Lake

District 3

Kenneth Miller, Crystal Lake

District 4


District 5

Alex Wimmer, Woodstock

District 6

Allison Barnard, Marengo

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23 Republicans, 5 Democrats Run for 12 County Board Seats — 6 Comments


    The litmus test in this coming election for McHenry County Board is simple.

    Any incumbant Board Member who approved either a budget or positive tax levy for Valley Hi between 2002 and 2014 without objecting to the many Millions of Dollars in liquidity it had and continues to have on hand is either incompetent or worse.

    These Board Members should be flatly rejected by McHenry County voters irrespective of the political team he or she hails from.

    The degree of mismanagement at Valley Hi over these many years is unconscionable and all those Board Members who were charged with financial oversight of Valley Hi at any time during this 11 year period should be relieved of his or her political office come election day.

    This is only because he or she does not have the decency to resign first.

    For those on this blog who complain about out of control taxation in County government to speak or vote otherwise is hypocritical.

    Incompetence has no political boundary whether the incumbant/candidate be a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, RINO, Tea Party member or part of a local political team.

    It is interesting to this day, the McHenry County taxpayer has not received an apology or acceptance of responsibility by any Board Member concerning the negligent confiscation of taxpayer wealth at Valley Hi.

    The focus on this election should be a candidate’s resume and degree of competence to do the job for the residents of McHenry County otherwise we end up with what we have . . .

    Remember, #29 in the U.S. was not achieved by chance but voted in at election time.

  2. Will someone want to follow up on who exactly gave the order to keep $40 million on hand in a checking account for rapid access?

    With amounts of overage at risk without FDIC insurance?

    Earning almost no interest, witht the amount growing for 8 years?

    Did the bank at which these funds were deposited (receiving the benefit of the float) give any loans to any County Board Member during the past 8 years?

  3. Why is Wimmer running as a democrat?

    I should think the Socialist Workers Party would be more his cup o’ tea!

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