All Petition Passers for Steve Reick Sham GOP Primary Opponent, Except the Candidate, from Outside McHenry County, including Chicago

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

Although about half of the petitions for State Representative in the Republican Primary Election in a stack of 109 petitions were passed by the candidate himself, Jeff Lichte, a supporter of Democratic Party incumbent State Rep. Jack Franks.

Lichte voted in the Democratic Party Primary Election in 2012 and 2014.

All of the petition passers, but the candidate himself live outside the State Representative district.

The rest were passed by the following:

  • Amy Howanietz, 43W730 Rt. 64, Maple Park, 11 petitions
  • Kelley Cook, 1418 Stonefield Dr., DeKalb, 2 petitions
  • Joshua Mediena, 2146 N. Loren, Chicago, 7 petitions
  • Ruby Navarrete, 3022 N. Rutherford Ave., Chicago, 10 petitions
  • Marlene Roa, 2131 N. Maplewood, Chicago, 3 petitions
  • Liliana Alverez, 2151 N. Austin, Chicago, 8 petitions
  • Larry Whitehead, 6040 S. Harper, Chicago, 6 petitions
  • Sharron Troupe, 5659 S. Milncan (?), Chicago, 3 petitions
  • Elizabeth Shatara, 4336 W. Emerald Way, Alsip, 10 petitions
  • James Robinson, 3826 Woodland, Western Springs, 2 petitions
  • Jencie Richmond, 832 Ridge Dr., DeKalb, 1 petition

Petitions had as many as 15 signatures and as few as one.

Petitions passed by candidate Litche were notarized from November 16th through November 27th.

The earliest notarization date on the other petitions was November 18th.


All Petition Passers for Steve Reick Sham GOP Primary Opponent, Except the Candidate, from Outside McHenry County, including Chicago — 12 Comments

  1. Franks is Clever…and the biggest and Best Scam just started today….

    I think even a letter to the editor might be in order

    Here, it is and it is a good one

    In todays NWH.. a full color 2 sided AD from Franks,Gerkin and McKenna to “win” Chicago pro jersey…,it is simulated to look like a blackhawks jersey, now in order to win you type in their url fill out the form which is only your name and email address……….

    I don’t know how many hundreds if not thousands of names and eamil addresses they will get But I do know they will be priceless at election time for last minute mass mailings…………..

    I wonder is this Legal?

    Steve Reick must really have Jack worried to come up with fake Candidates and this scheme.

    We have some work to do this election if we want to beat the Madigan Machine

  2. Mike “The Rat” Walkup plays even dirtier.

    That’s why Nunda voters beat him with a write-in candidate.

  3. More reason, for us all, to continue to stay involved and to remain committed in our efforts to keep EVERYONE informed.

    The fight, for a positive winning Conservative election, will not be easy or without these types of villains.

    Keep pounding on doors! Keep talking! Keep up the fight!

    Every little battle supports the war!

  4. Many democrats that I know of have registered as Republicans in order to mess with the Republican primaries in McHenry County.

    There is only one D to vote for (franks) and they can still do that in the General election.

  5. Steve is definitely on the correct track with one slight change:

    There is no such thing as being “registered” for any party in Illinois.

    The only indication of what party people may or may not support is a record of which ballot style is pulled during PRIMARY elections.

    The last primary election in this county had less then a 17 % turnout.

    For every ten Republican ballots pulled, one Democrat ballot was pulled.

    Several unions were encouraging people who would vote Democrat in the General election to pull Republican ballots and vote for Dillard for governor instead of Rauner because Dillard was more union friendly and easier to defeat by Quinn in the general election.

    Candidates for Republican committeemen need to have their voting history checked to determine if they have ever pulled a Democrat ballot.

  6. So who are these petition passers from outside McHenry County?

    Same Amy Howanietz from Maple Park?^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

    Is Kelley Cook from DeKalb the NIU Law Student who worked at Jenner & Block in Chicago and her father’s law practice in Aurora?

    They are on board to plant a Democrat in the McHenry County State Representative 63rd District Republican Primary, which happens to be outside the county of their residence, to help the Illinois Democrat machine?

    Do any of these petition passers have a clue Illinois as of the end of 2014 has a $158 Billion Taxpayer IOU to public sector pensions funds in Illinois created by past politicians?

    And that’s a lowball estimate, the real number is almost certainly higher since mass transit is not included, and overly optimistic projections and/or outdated actuarial rules are sometimes (more likely typically) used to forecast the unfunded liability.

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