GOP Committeeman Jenna Wing Seeks FRG Stop Sign at Huntcliff & Foxmoor

On September 23, Fox River Grove Republican Precinct Committeeman Jenna Wing sent the following letter to the Village officials of Fox River Grove and its Police Department:

Jenna Wing

Jenna Wing

As the Committeeman of Precinct 45, it is my responsibility to call to your attention a very hazardous driving situation.

Many of the residents of Foxmoor have commented to me how dangerous the intersection at Huntcliff and Foxmoor Road has become.

On behalf of the residents in Foxmoor I strongly urge the City of Fox River Grove to install a stop sign at Huntcliff and Foxmoor Road.

The police department had a speed indicator located on Foxmoor Road this year, and when drivers saw this, they slowed down. However, This did not stop drivers totally to slow down since there was no camera to take photos of the speeders. Foxmoor Road and Huntcliff is an unsafe intersection.

With more young families moving into this area, young children are playing on the front lawns and on the sidewalks.

Elderly people are also at risk since they are unable to move quickly as drivers are just worried about getting through the neighborhood to But drivers are still not obeying the speed limit signs.

At times walkers are in danger for their lives.

In August, my mom was almost hit at 5:30 am by a silver Ford.

She was unable to get the license plate due to the speed of the driver.

She did inform the police department. Since she did not have the license plate, there was nothing the police department could do.

Recently a neighbor was almost hit by a dark gray Audi as the driver was coming around the turn, speeding, and going into the oncoming lane to avoid another car which was parked on the street.

This situation has progressively grown more dangerous to the people who reside in Foxmoor.

Increased traffic volume and more commuters are using these collector streets as shortcut routes stemming from the other artery streets.

These drivers are not only from the Foxmoor area.

Drivers from Algonquin, Lake In the Hills, and Barrington all use Foxmoor Road to get to Route 14.

It will only be a matter of time when a school aged child will get hit due the speeders.

The health, safety and welfare of Foxmoor residents, children and senior citizens will continue to be at risk, if these unsigned intersections are not addressed soon! Having the police come every once in a while is not the answer.

We have talked with neighbors in the area and they are all in favor of the stop sign.

Please protect the citizens of Foxmoor.

Thank you,

Jenna Wing

Wing updated the situation on October 22nd:

We have heard from neighbors, a village board member, and police chief.

The neighbor would like something done and the village board member states that we now will need to go to the December board meeting.

They will tell us when it will be on the agenda. [The meeting is at 6:30.]

The street behind Jewel is also a concern and a Grover has been active to get something to stop all the traffic there too.


GOP Committeeman Jenna Wing Seeks FRG Stop Sign at Huntcliff & Foxmoor — 5 Comments

  1. The Village legally just can’t put up a stop sign to control speed, that intersection would have to meet what is called a warrant.

    A warrant, if I spelled that correctly, is a set of rules by the state that has to be fulfilled so a sign can be legally installed to prevent lawsuits.

    By a park, sight distance problem, or some other special problem with that area.

    Stop signs are not suppose to be uses to control speed, speed zone signs are.

    Reducing speed below 25 MPH also takes a special warrant and a speed study.
    Good luck, it is a so called short cut from Alg Rd to 14.
    Until that area is well known speed trap with lots of tickets issued, not much will change.

  2. Contact the Chief of Police to get a speed study done on both areas.

    If FRG doesn’t have the equipment, they can most likely borrow or get the Cary Public Works dept to help them out as they do have the equipment.

  3. She did more in two years than most Republican Precinct Committeemen did in a decade. And to think that the BH crowd tried to boot her off the ballot.

  4. Thank you to Committeeman Jenna Wing, since she has done more in her term than any other committeeman.

    The best of luck.

    We wish you only the best.

    I am so glad that this young person ran, and won.

    I am hoping that the older people that went after/said nasty things about her learned a lesson.

    She had a drive to make a difference.

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