Capitol Fax Picks Up Fake GOP St. Rep. Candidate Story

One of the most widely-read political blogs in Illinois has published most of the story below this one.

While it contains no information that McHenry County Blog readers haven’t seen, the comments might be of interest.

Here is the link:

Kicking it old school

The top of the Capitol Fax story about Democrat Jeff Lichte's running for State Representative as a Republican in Jack Franks' district.

The top of the Capitol Fax story about Democrat Jeff Lichte’s running for State Representative as a Republican in Jack Franks’ district.

Links to stories about the effort to capture the Republican Primary can be found below:


Capitol Fax Picks Up Fake GOP St. Rep. Candidate Story — 9 Comments

  1. As Lincoln said about the man who was tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail:

    “If it wasn’t for the honor of the thing, I’d just as soon walk.”

    As the target of all these goings on, please put me down as being flattered.

  2. Don’t let it go to your head.

    Do not believe you are the target.

    I believe the target is the County GOP which needs to get its act together if they do not want to reverse the gains from two years ago.

    Do you really think Mark Daniels presence in the county was by accident?

  3. Cautious Voter – what would you like the county GOP to do?

    How do improve?

    The leadership and most of the rank and file is swimming in the same direction.

    Just my opinion but I think the team we have is damn good.

  4. I don’t think gasser really has a clue; i.e. You run around thinking everyone likes you and really they want to run the other way

  5. Andrew, you and I don’t live in that district, but if we want Jack out, Steve needs way way way more support from the whole legislative district plus some.

  6. No one is going to be falling over themselves to help someone who has a swollen head and lacks the ability to thank or be respectful to unpaid volunteers.

  7. Maybe if there was more of a focus by residents in electing “qualified”, “intelligent” and “independent” thinking people who are capable of cobbling majorities based upon sound ideas and solutions to matters which best serve constituants irrespective of political party affiliation or local political team logo we would all be better off.

    Too much emphasis on “us” vs. “them” and not enough attention paid to “individual elected officials” on all levels standing out promoting good ideas which best serve the Country, State, County and municipalities.

    Andrew, I think your analogy of “rank and file” and “swimming in the same direction” is a perfect demonstrating everything wrong with County government and why it will never change.

    Like lemmings they march to the beat of the drum of leadership . . . . .

    Cal, in addition to offering up attendance record of County Board members I would like to see a list of each idea offered by individual members these past 12 months which might have changed, revolutionized or even promoted something a new in the manner in wich County does business especially in the area of rasiing and spending money.

    Any dolt can show up for a meeting with instructions from leadership on how to vote.

    I think mbr. Nowak has establised this.

    Imagine what County government would be like if we had 23 independent quaified thinkers who coalesced around best practices for consituents rather than “swimming in the same direction” as leadership.

  8. Jacko’s support is week …

    when people find out he cast the deciding vote for same sex ‘marriage’ he might be not be so welcomed for his propagandistic photo ops at Marian Central where he masquerades as a Catholic.

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