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A press release from the McHenry County Circuit Court:

22nd Judicial Circuit Court, McHenry County (Woodstock), Illinois Goes Live with aiSMARTBENCH™ with the Goal of Paperless Courtrooms

Chief Judge Michael Sullivan

Chief Judge Michael Sullivan

“The implementation of the aiSMARTBENCH system is an extremely important step forward for our Court in McHenry County as we continue to move further into the automated electronic age.

I am very grateful to all the Judges and Court Administration Staff for their hard work and support as we have worked through the process of implementing aiSMARTBENCH in McHenry County,” said Chief Circuit Judge Michael J. Sullivan.

“This could not have been accomplished without the collaboration and dedication of Kathrine Keefe, Circuit Clerk of the Court and the fine staff of the McHenry County Information Technology Department.”

Mentis Technology Solutions, a privately held software firm which provides intelligent automation of document-driven processes for business and government, announced today that the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court, McHenry County, Illinois is now in Go Live status with the new software.

aiSMARTBENCH™ was designed for judges, easy to use, easy to learn, faster than traditional paper and connects to the county’s existing case and document management systems.

“In a paperless work environment, it would be almost totally impossible for a judge to access necessary court information and records in a timely and efficient manner without an electronic support system such as aiSMARTBENCH™.

One of the responsibilities of a chief judge is to provide the judges in the circuit with adequate support tools to allow the judges to promptly and efficiently perform their judicial duties; aiSMARTBENCH™ allows that,” Judge Sullivan continued.


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  1. Just wait until some person(s) hacks aiSMARTBENCH, what a mess
    that will create.
    Not a matter of if, but when.
    This is Illinois, after all.

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