Sandra Salgado: Republican Party “Behind Steve Reick 100%,” GOP Primary Opponent Backs Jack Franks

Sandra Salgado

Sandra Salgado

A statement from McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado:

The seat for our Illinois House, District 63, currently occupied by Jack Franks, will be Republican November 2016.

There are two individuals on the primary ticket, but only one is Republican.

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

As Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Party, I have reached out to other leaders and elected officials and nobody knows who Jeff Lichte is.

  • Mr. Lichte did not reach out to the party regarding this race,
  • his petition passers were not from McHenry County,
  • he has had no activity with the party,
  • in fact, we do not know much about him.
  • We don’t know why he is running,
  • what he stands for and
  • when the last time was that he voted for a Republican candidate.

Steve ReickWhat we do know is that he had voted in Democratic Primaries, he has supported Jack Franks in the past and he has not reached out the Republican Party at all during this petition season.

The McHenry County Republican Party’s candidate for IL House District 63 is Steve Reick.

He is the only true Republican on the ticket.

Steve is a good conservative Republican who will work very hard to turn this seat.

He has worked with the party, we know his agenda for representing McHenry County in Springfield, and the party recognizes him as the only Republican candidate in this primary.

The MCGOP is behind Steve Reick 100%.


Sandra Salgado: Republican Party “Behind Steve Reick 100%,” GOP Primary Opponent Backs Jack Franks — 8 Comments

  1. Steve Reick and I talked early in his last campaign, and he was deeply knowledgeable about the state’s budget and pensions, including the misuse of discount rates to hide the true extent of the unfunded pension liability.

    He had done his homework.

    Since then he has become an expert on property tax reform and knows more than anyone else I know about Massachusetts’ Proposition 2½.

    Steve would be an outstanding State Rep. Outstanding!

  2. Now, let us pray he can suddenly become a little more gracious.

    We need many volunteers who will not be paid but he needs to show some appreciation.

  3. We need ‘all hands on deck’ to defeat Jack Franks and work to remove Mike Madigan’s stranglehold on the state!

    Rauner needs help!

    Hopefully some of Rauner’s money will be thrown in the direction of Reick1

    Illinois is now no longer the worst State in the Union!

    We are second worst!

    We are moving in the correct direction with Rauner but we need to speed things up to end the exodus of people with a few dollars and the importation of people who need government welfare to survive!

    “Illinois collects more than $3,000 per capita in state and local taxes each year, one of the highest per capita tax revenues.

    “Yet, the state’s fiscal management system does not appear to be operating optimally, which is the main reason it ranks as the second worst-run state.

    “For example, Illinois has one of the smallest rainy day funds compared to other states, at 1% of its general annual budget — an indication the state may not be able to satisfy its short-term obligations.

    “Illinois’ debt is equal to more than three-fourths of its annual revenue, also one of the highest shares in the nation.

    “Similarly, the state’s pension fund is not financially healthy.

    “The state only has assets on hand to meet 39% of its pension obligations, the lowest ratio of any state.

    “Perhaps as a result of the state’s finances, Illinois has the worst credit rating and outlook from S&P and Moody’s of any state.

    “The housing market in Illinois is also struggling.

    “One in every 73 housing units is in some state of the foreclosure process, nearly the highest foreclosure rate in the country.

    “As is often the case in states with particularly high foreclosure rates, home prices in Illinois have dropped by more than 10% from 2010 through last year.

    “This decline was the worst in the country during that time.”

    Read more: The Best and Worst Run States in America: A Survey of All 50 – 24/7 Wall St.
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  4. Too bad Reick won’t bring up all the social issues which Jacko is dead wrong on and at diametrical variance to the vast majority of McHenry County voters.

  5. Republican’s should stay away from social issues and concentrate on getting the state fiscally responsible for a change.

    Tea lost their direction and went into social issues and their popularity has suffered since.

    Put your religious bs aside, we need a fiscally responsible gov, and Independents will not vote for over the top religious candidates.

    Social programs need $$$$ to function, control them with balanced budgets.

  6. The Republicans have gained majorities in the Federal House and Senate, a dozen governors, and 1000 state legislative seats by focusing on conservative issues, both social and economic.

    We will make more progress in 2016, with probably the most dis-likable person in American politics, Hillary, weighing down every Democrat, including Jack.

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