Pioneer Center in Trouble

708 Board meeting Wednesday night. Photo credit: First Electric Newspaper.

708 Board meeting Wednesday night. Photo credit: First Electric Newspaper.

What started in the late 1960’s as an agency to take card of what were then called “the retarded” has grown to absorb at least the not-for-profit homeless shelter PADS.

It inow has apparently run into financial trouble.

That was evident at the Wednesday night meeting of the McHenry County 708 Mental Health Board according to an article in The First Electric Newspaper.

Here is the beginning of Pete Gonigam’s article, which is a must read:

The McHenry County Mental Health Board Wednesday gave Pioneer Center for Human Services a week to prove that it has the money and resources to carry out more than $2 million worth of service contracts or else lose more than $1 million of them.


Pioneer Center in Trouble — 10 Comments

  1. Solution?

    Sell Valley Hi and ask Tom Annarella to take charge of Pioneer.

    OR ask Tom to take on Pioneer in addition to his current job with a suitable wage increase.

    OR (cant’t wait for the screaming on this one) cease some of the services currently provided by Pioneer.

    Can’t wait to see how Dan McCaleb will use his newspaper (NWH) to spin this one!

    Also, while looking into this I notice that the County still describes Valley Hi as:

    “Valley Hi Nursing Home is operated for the benefit of the aged population of McHenry County who require public assistance. “

  2. This is what happens when there is no state budget.

    The state is not paying it’s bills and I’m sure they owe Pioneer a pretty penny in grant funds. Hiring someone else to run the organization won’t help when money is not coming in.

    Services will have to be cut.

    Pioneer serves some of our most vulnerable residents.

    This is very unfortunate and it’s happening all over the state.

  3. Clearly they need a new director, butvw/o their state funds it will still be a very rough road moving forward.

  4. PADS was mentioned…has anyone or agency ever looked into their payroll?

    their budget?

  5. Pioneer Center is a great asset to the community that has helped countless families in their most troubled times.

    It would be a huge loss to McHenry County if the radicals on the 708 board shut them down.

    Maybe it’s time to clean their house again. . .

  6. Under Craig M. Adams failed, or perhaps should I write ‘non-existent’, leadership as Pioneer Center’s “Director of Business Development at Pioneer Center for Human Services DBA: Pioneer Industries,” everything crashed.

    Now this mook is the appointed Supervisor of McHenry Township, feeding at another public trough!

  7. Pretty disheartening, after my sisters and I have worked many fundraisers for Pioneer.

    In the past we had 3 brothers using their services.

    Now only 1 brother is still there and it costs $75 a day for him to sit around around and do nothing now, as they no longer have any piece work outsourcied to them.

  8. They let the wrong 2 people go.

    The 2 responsible for covering up each others inadequacies & book fixing are still there.

    They ” sabotaged” the teachings of the new computer system for 3 years and then blamed it on management.


    The people that were discovering the problems and trying to implement better business practices & procedures were unjustifiably let go.

    The new computer system would have made things more transparent which they didn’t want to see happen.

    SHAME on all involved !

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