Zinke Seeking Police Chief Job in Rantoul

That’s what the News-Gazette is reporting.

Headline in the News-Gazette on story mentioning Andy Zinke's applying to be Rantoul Police Chief.

Headline in the News-Gazette on story mentioning Andy Zinke’s applying to be Rantoul Police Chief.

Andy Zinke's photo was placed next to Sheriff Keith Nygren's on the Sheriff's web page during Zinke's campaign to replace Nygren.

Andy Zinke’s photo was placed next to Sheriff Keith Nygren’s on the Sheriff’s web page during Zinke’s campaign to replace Nygren.

His competition is Carpentersville Commander of Records and Administration Erman Blevins.

Zinke lives in Woodstock with his wife Kim and children.

Both applicants are 47 years old.

The article says that since Zinke barely lost the Republican Primary Election to Bill Prim, he “has been a consultant for law enforcement.”

Both candidates were in Rantoul, which is just north of Champaign-Urbana getting acquainted with officials and residents.



Zinke Seeking Police Chief Job in Rantoul — 28 Comments

  1. We’re lucky he didn’t get him as the new chief in Huntley.

  2. Andy is a great cop and leader, got beat up in a political battle he didn’t want.

  3. Great cop who got caught up in the local politico slime machine.

    Rantoul would be lucky to have him.

  4. I thought that he retired from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department because he was offered another law enforcement opportunity that was too good to pass up.

    He was quoted as saying that or something very similar in the local paper, so it has to be true.

    Now he wants to go to some downstate town that isn’t much bigger than Harvard.

    I wonder what happened.

  5. This would be the worst choice Rantoul could make.

    Andy is not the Sheriff primarily because of the way he treated employees at the Sheriffs department.

    He iwasbcondescending, arrogant and obnoxious toward most the staff. Besides his tremendous mistakes during his campaign, he was able to display to everyone what a phony he really is.

    Hopefully they see through his BS in Rantoul

  6. Hopefully he will get the job.

    Not because he is qualified or experienced but only to keep him 2.5 plus hours away from McHenry County.

    Cal- any word on the criminal investigation surrounding his wife?

    Haven’t heard about that in awhile and hope it’s not being swept under the rug.

  7. Zinke is NOT getting this job! Period!! He was not liked down there either.

  8. Heh, heh ….”consulting for law enforcement”??????????????? What about the drug raid tip-off???

  9. He must have been liked Mr Bachmann if he was one of two finalists.

    I hope your right, but that being said, he would be back here in McHenry County.

    Inish , you must not have spoken to anyone that worked for him

  10. He is the father of young children.

    Lets remember those little ones and try to forget about politics.

  11. It really doesn’t have anything to do with politics or his children.

    A small town police chief has the power to really screw up people’s lives, and if I lived in Rantoul I certainly wouldn’t want someone with Zinke’s track record in that position.

  12. foodie – Yes he has a family to earn for, just should not be in law enforcement where he makes other families his victims.

    Get into another line of work.

  13. News Gazette states Zinke is not getting the job.

    I spoke to them personally.

    So we shall see.

  14. It’s not about politics or his family but the suggestion is a nice way to deflect.

  15. Rantoul would be lucky to have his expertice and leadership skills.

    I know nothing about the other guy, so I can’t say anything good or bad.

    Good Luck Andy!!

    You deserve better than McHenry County gave you in the last bulldoze of an election.

  16. What was disappointing was that Andy would not listen to any constructive criticism.

    Instead he blamed Gus, Cal and the other bloggers.

    He got so entrenched in the dirty politics and was blind to anything else.

    Let’s not forget that Nygren fired a jailer for a much smaller “tip off” than Andy’s.

    I personally believe Andy at one time was a good cop.

    Very sad fall from grace.

  17. Talk about a bunch of scrooges.

    Have some Christmas spirit.

    Generousity of heart….

    Didnt Bachmann just receive a great deal of generousity when he was in need?

    How dissapointing that Bachmann cant pay it forward.

    Im sure zinke and bachmann will reap whatever it is they sew without our help.

  18. Don’t even begin to compare Bachmann to Zinke! Bachmann fought to clean up our County and was successful, while Zinke was out being a lackey for some of the crookedest people in this county’s history! And foiled a big drug bust. There is now a law named after him, to prevent another “good cop or leader” from screwing up like that again!! How many lives would that have helped to get those drug runners off the streets. AND YOU IDIOTS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT ZINKE, HIS FOUL MOUTHED WIFE? Maybe his sister in law could get him into the porn business? He was always bragging and passing pics of his raunchy porn star in-law at the sheriff’s office. . .

    YES Foodie, they both will hopefully reap what the ‘sow’ (not ‘sew’). That means Bachmann will prevail and Zinke burn in hell with Nygren.

    And yeah, what IS happening with the investigation of Zinke’s foul mouthed wife??

  19. Probably nothing, just like all the garbage everyone said would come to light from the investigation of him, or that lawsuit or whatever you choose to believe. Smear campaign against him, plain and simple. Granted, not every officer liked him. Who has a boss that everyone likes? No failed drug bust, no lawsuits against him personally, nothing. Still waiting for the report to be given to First Electric about the investigation, but you already know the results and conclusions of it, the State’s Attorneys and the DEA; nada. I’m still waiting to be PROVEN wrong, and that’ll never happen from THIS crowd.

  20. AZ supporter,

    Kiss him goodnight and go cash your paycheck that you haven’t earned in 9 months because you’re under investigation and on PAID leave!

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