Woodstock Police Chief Retiring

Robert Lowen

Robert Lowen

While former McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke was willing to relocate to Central Illinois when he applied unsuccessfully for the Police Chief position in Rantoul, now an opening has appeared in his home town of Woodstock.

The Northwest Herald is reporting that  Chief Robert Lowen is retiring in June.

The Woodstock Police Chief position would make a good staging area to run for Sheriff in two years.


Woodstock Police Chief Retiring — 8 Comments

  1. We will picket if wee hear Zinke applying for this job.

    And Nob, that WOULD be being very nice….to the people of Woodstock!

  2. Lowen is a great guy.

    Zinke cannot be allowed to get this office!!!

  3. Not a good thing for Zinke to be in this position; is it correct that the McHenry County Government Center/Courthouse complex is in the jurisdication of the Woodstock P.D.?

  4. The Woodstock Police provides security for McHenry County Board meetings.

  5. Robert W Lowen

    City Of Woodstock Illinois

    2014 – $136,435
    2013 – $134,166
    2012 – $125,448
    2011 – $124,652
    2010 – $122,659
    2009 – $122,164
    2008 – $118,599
    2007 – $114,449
    2006 – $108,478
    2005 – $041,192

    Source: Open the Books widget

    Per the Better Government Association Salary Database, start date was August 1, 2005.

    Depending on years of service, a full career Downstate Police pension is about 80% of final salary.

    Per the 2015 Biennial Report (for years 2013 – 2014) published by the Illinois Department of Insurance Public Pension Division, the Woodstock Police Pension Fund funding history is as follows.

    Year – Unfunded Actuarial Accrued Liability (AAL) – Percent Funded at Actuarial Value

    4/30/2014 – (9,621,710) – 62.0%
    4/30/2013 – (9,188,993) – 61.3%
    4/30/2012 – (8,656,885) – 60.8%
    4/30/2011 – (8,734,770) – 62.2%
    4/30/2010 – (8,447,069) – 61.6%
    4/30/2009 – (8,932,357) – 60.8%
    4/30/2008 – (6,709,335) – 67.1%
    4/30/2007 – (5,157,350) – 75.2%
    4/30/2006 – (5,020,708) – 75.9%
    4/30/2005 – (5,138,733) – 74.4%

    So as of April 30, 2014 the unfunded liability (taxpayer IOU) to the Woodstock Pension Fund was $9,621,710.

    So the percent funded has decreased from 2005 to 2014.

    So the taxpayer IOU got larger, not smaller, over time.

    That is thanks to legislative pension benefit hikes and local salary hikes.

    Why are legislators and the local municipal board hiking benefits and salaries when pensions are already underfunded?

    Because one sentence was added to the Illinois State Constitution on December 15, 1970, stating pension benefits cannot be diminished or impaired.

    Left unstated was pension benefits and salaries can be hiked irregardless of pension funding status.

    In other words, it was legal, they could do it, they did it, even though it was fiscally irresponsible.

    That is Illinois politics.

    The taxpayer is at the bottom of the totem pole.

    Merry Christmas taxpayers.

    You have not been paying enough taxes to the pension fund.

    So future taxpayers owe this money to the pension fund.

    An unfunded pension liability is a taxpayer IOU to the pension fund.

    It is money that should be in the pension fund right now, but is not.

    Since the money is not in the pension fund, the pension fund investment gains are less.

    Since the pension fund gains are less, taxpayers owe more money.

    It’s a vicious cycle.

  6. Chief Lowen is one of the good guys…really…really good guy.

    God Bless you Chief!

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