Defenders Overwhelming with Old TVs

A press release from the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County:


Due to the unprecedented volume of electronics recently received at the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County’s (EDMC) monthly drives, it is necessary to suspend the January 2016 McHenry and February 2016 Woodstock recycling drives.

The Defenders plastic bag monster.

The Defenders plastic bag monster.

In the last two months of 2015 the amount of electronic waste received was triple the monthly average due to the size and quantity of televisions and monitors dropped-off.

As a not-for-profit, volunteer organization EDMC cannot continue to sustain the cost and transport of recycling electronics in these quantities.

EDMC has provided additional recycling services to McHenry County communities for over 45 years.

The organization has adapted to many changes to continue accomplishing its environmental goals.

Because electronics recycling regulations are in flux and profits have been reduced, most recyclers have completely stopped taking televisions and many have simply shut their doors. The Defenders cannot handle this increased amount of e-waste recycling.

The Defenders are urging local governments to provide a solution to meet the needs of their citizens.

EDMC hand-delivered proposals to 17 municipalities and 17 townships in McHenry County detailing how to establish an electronic recycling drop-off site.

This would provide residents a convenient, local place to responsibly dispose of all electronics.

Municipalities or townships have numerous options for setting up collections, with costs possibly as low as $1 per household per month. This needs your support!

Contact your local representative (village, city or township) and ask that person to support the proposal described above: Municipal representative‒

or Township representative‒

For electronic recycling, please visit the Green Guide at

For TV or computer monitor recycling please contact Chicago Logistic Service (847) 429-1926


Defenders Overwhelming with Old TVs — 3 Comments

  1. Perhaps the manufactures of these items could assist in the disposal of them as they are reaping the profits.

  2. Bestbuy recycles electronics, I’ve done it for years no charge.

    I googled sears and Office Depot they say on their websites they recycle also.

    I’m thinking most retailers recycle or offer it for no charge or for a minimum fee.

  3. Built into the price of all electronics should be the trade-in of a previous model

    AND the requirement to accept for recycling ALL of the packaging material which accompanies the new purchase!

    Why should all taxpayers have to subsidize recycling?

    Let those who purchase the latest version of anything pay for the recycling.

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