Marijuana Growers Eating Up Electricity

Electric poles on Randall Road.

Energy conservation efforts are being thwarted in states that allow the open sale of marijuana, according to Bloomberg Business.

In Colorado, half of new electric energy use can be attributed to pot growers.

Here’s the paragraph that caught my attention:

In Colorado, more than 1,234 licensed grow facilities compose almost half of new demand for power. In 2014, two years after residents voted overwhelmingly to legalize the drug for recreational use, growing sites consumed as much power as 35,000 households.


Marijuana Growers Eating Up Electricity — 5 Comments

  1. This is how police catch growers in all states.

    The electric companies call authorities when they notice a major spike inn ones electric usage.

    Grow lamps and the ventilation systems use a ton of electricity.

  2. This is news?

    Big news- businesses use a lot of electricity.

    Even bigger news- commercial horticulture uses a lot of electricity.

    Biggest news of all- they pay their bills.

    And when did a single supporter of this blog, or the Republican Party in McHenry County, ever give a single flying fuck about energy conservation.

    Aren ‘t you the dimwits who bitch about businesses leaving Illinois?

    Why aren’t you cheering about the reduced electrical usage by the exodus?

    I work for a small metal processing firm that pays a $135,000/month electrical bill to ComEd.

    You seem to be waiting for the Rural Electrification Administration people to show up.

  3. Maybe with all the profits from Pot, the producers could put up their own wind farms and say ….you Electric Company, pay us.

    No gov subsidies needed.

    There already is a big wind farm in the NE corner of Colo, probably financed on our tax dime also.

  4. John, your profanity is not needed.

    Cal must have struck a nerve with you.

    Do you have one of those high demand prescriptions or are you growing your own?

  5. Legalize it.

    Tax it.

    Reduce the burden property or income taxes. Boom!

    “Make Illinois Great Again!”

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