Steve Reick Weighs In on Jack Frank’s Fake GOP Primary Opponent

And the title of his article on Illoyances is

Jack Franks is Attempting to Hijack the 2016 Election

Reick notes that no newspaper covering McHenry County has done a story on

“…the attempt by Jack Franks to commandeer the nominating process by placing a long-time supporter on the Republican primary ballot.”

He points out that he circulated petitions, but, after getting word no state Republican Party resources would be allocated to a challenge against almost 18-year incumbent Jack Franks (who, incidentally promised to serve only six years), he stopped the effort.

Reick references the hit piece some received. (Similar tactics were used against John O’Oneill in 2010, but not until just before the election.)

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

Then he reveals:

“It turns out that [the man passing last minute petitions for the GOP Primary] Mr. Lichte is a long-time supporter of Jack Franks; he and his wife regularly submit letters to the editor of the Northwest Herald praising Franks for this or that wonderful thing he’s done for the district (most of them of no consequence).

“Mr. Lichte has consistently voted in Democratic primaries and has placed Jack Franks’ signs in his front yard.

“His candidacy cannot be chalked up to a political epiphany.”

That apparently woke up House Republican Leaer Jim Durkin and his House Republican Organization.

And it certainly convinced me that Jack Franks is a very vulnerable Democrat.

Then, McHenry County Blog got an “atta boy!”

“Were it not for the reporting of the McHenry County Blog, there would have been no discussion of this story at all. The blog first broke the story on November 30, and followed up with posts on December 2, December 3 and December 6. Except for a perfunctory statement that Lichte had filed, the Northwest Herald, the “newspaper of record” for McHenry County has shown no interest in pursuing what can only be described as a scandalous attempt by Jack Franks to hijack the 2016 election.”

Reick then asks a series of questions worthy of contemplation.

But he missed one:

Why did Jack Franks try to convince at least one Republican to run against State Senator Pam Althoff?

And offer to help finance the campaign against Althoff?


Steve Reick Weighs In on Jack Frank’s Fake GOP Primary Opponent — 11 Comments

  1. Two Letters to the Editor were in the NWH about Steve’s petitions, he should address both of those very publicly in this blog and as a guest commentator on the NWH.

    Not putting out the fire in the media is a bad thing, be proactive by using all media available.

    Not seeing a retort in the NWH leads us to wonder if those LTE’s are factually true.

  2. Why would the Democrats waste money on a candidate to run against Althoff or for that matter Wheeler?

    Both Althoff and Wheeler have openly supported Jack Franks and both vote on legislation as if they were under the thumb of Madigan, with one exception: Both appear to have been bought with the money from Rauner (at least temporarily anyway).

    Madigan and the Dems are very shrewd.

    Over the years they have extended Legislative sessions in Springfield to the point where being a State Legislator is now a full time job for most of those elected.

    As a consequence, the Legislators spend an enormous amount of time in Springfield where they are easily accessed by the LOBBYISTS who want to increase your taxes.

    You can count the number of Springfield lobbyists for less government spending on one hand.

    Legislators while in Springfield are inundated day after day after day with people requesting / demanding more money for their cause. It is rare for a Legislator to ever even see someone requesting the opposite.

    Which side do you think is going to win?

    The spending side or the reduce the spending side?

    If you live in the 66th State Legislative District there is only one candidate who can be truly trusted to truly stand up for the taxpayers: Paul Serwatka.

    He will represent you and not bow to the wishes of special interests or any type!

    Let us hope that Steve Reick can prevail.

    If he does not, how about launching an ‘independent’?

    It would be a long shot but with enough money and shoe leather, it can be done.

    Franks and Lichte would split the Progressive votes and the conservatives plus other non-primary voters could elect the independent.

  3. Pam apposed Jack on consolidation to protect MCCD, that’s why.

  4. And now Pam is pursuing legislation to support the Anderson crowd.

    Why is that?

  5. Maybe by sponsoring legislation it’s easier to control it?

    So a little birdie told me.

    Games, ya know!

  6. Money spent on Steve is a wasted resource for the GOP.

    Wait until the seat is contested after Franks leaves.

    Until then, it’s a waste of time, money and resources to spend money on Steve Reick.

    That’s the pragmatic REALISTIC approach parties leaders see and why Steve is getting zilch.

  7. Wow, keeping Jack Franks actively engaged in the general election is prudent as it prevents him from expanding his influence, resources and dollars all over McHenry County.

    Exactly the same reason he was seeking opposition to Wheeler and Althoff.

    Sometimes it’s not about winning, sometimes it’s just about maintaining balance.

  8. I did not hear that Jack Franks was seeking an opponent for Barb Wheeler.

    Tell us details, please.

  9. Most state leaders won’t look at a candidate until they can raise $100,000 personally between family and friends for a state race.

    You need to demonstrate you can raise money before you get money.

    Money & volunteers equal a viable candidate on either side of the aisle.

    Why do you think no one has gotten money to run against Wheeler?

    She has had opponents.

    Just because he thinks he is a good candidate doesn’t make him a good candidate.

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