County Board Set to Shift Real Estate Taxes from Businesses to Homes

Tax House with bills flying

The McHenry County Board will vote on a goal which will shift taxes from businesses to residents at its next meeting.

That’s part of the “McHenry County Board 2016 Action Plan.”

The specific language is way down in the document:

Formalize Economic Development Incentive Plan

Goal: Work with MCEDC [McHenry County Economic Development Corporation] to identify and develop incentive programs to recruit and retain businesses in McHenry County.

Measurement: Work with MCEDC to develop a property tax abatement program by February 2016. [Emphasis added.]


County Board Set to Shift Real Estate Taxes from Businesses to Homes — 12 Comments

  1. McHenry County residents and businesses have been voting with
    their feet to abandon this county and Illinois as well and yet
    the politicians just can’t seem to get it through their
    collective heads to stop taxing people out of their homes and businesses.

    There is no hope with these fools in charge.

    The government has ceased to serve the people,
    it now exists to serve itself.

  2. If they want to lower taxes to retain and grow business in the county, cut the counties budget by a relative amount.

    At the same time work with the other taxing bodies to lower their bus property taxes, and lower their budget also.

  3. You do realize this is another of the “make-work” project for a handful of folks.

    It is also one of those things politician do to make the public believe they are doing something.

    Never mind what that “something” does to the average person.

    Every time I leave our parking lot I come face to face with one of the biggest boondoggles perpetrated on Harvard, McHenry County and the state of IL… none other than the EMPTY and beautiful Motorola complex!

    Actually, as I keep saying, all they need to do is;

    1) cut government so taxes can be reduced; and

    2) kill half the stifling regulations.

    Accomplish this and business would come without being coerced with our taxes.

    These “public servants” never seem to learn…

  4. This is one of the dumbest proposals.

    It will never fly.

    People are leaving the county and the county board wants to impose a larger tax burden on them?

    Come on!

    When I am on the county board we will cut taxes and make appropriate spending cuts to make that happen.

    Trust me

  5. I read Ersel’s plan and some of it sounds good.

    Other parts of it make it clear she doesn’t fully understand the function of some of the departments she wants to gut.

  6. A fairy tale:

    Once upon a time, there was a County Board that knew better than the public and the market which businesses were winners.

    To that end, they only gave tax breaks that were CERTAIN to result in more taxes in the long run.

    And NO NO NO tax breaks were EVER given to favored businesses.

    And they all lived happily ever after.

    Until the public found out the truth.

  7. Just curious: Please educate us all relative to: “she doesn’t fully understand the function of some of the departments”.

    Just making your comment does not help anyone.

  8. The Tribune reported that the property tax exemption is being questioned for some hospitals.

    Just curious if Centegra Corporation pays taxes on all of the other properties they own – clinics, physical therapy, surgical centers, immediate care centers, spine center, etc.

    The purchase of McHenry County Orthopedics includes the building on Rt. 31, which is now a Centegra facility.

    Most likely that building was paying at least $100,000 in property taxes when it was a private doctors office.

    Is it suddenly a not-for-profit tax exempt building because it is owned by Centegra?

    And is Health Bridge exempt from property taxes?

    The myriad of buildings owned by Centegra begs the question, when one thinks of the already high property taxes the average homeowner is paying.

    And if the administrators are making millions in salary and bonuses, how is it truly a not-for-profit corporation?

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