Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles PAC Gets $2.5 Million

Dan Proft speaking at Nunda Township Republican Picnic while running for the Republican nomiatiion for Governor in 2010.

Dan Proft speaking at Nunda Township Republican Picnic while running for the Republican nomiatiion for Governor in 2010.

WIND radio talk show host Dan Proft now has more than $2.5 million to play with.

That’s the amount that Richard Uihlein is reported to have donated today.

Last election cycle Proft spent prodigious amounts of money to take out at least one Republican aligned with House Republican Leader Jim Durkin–Ron Sandack.

Of the supported candidates listed below, Peter Breen was elected State Representative. Other winners, I am told, were Rep. Reggie Phillips, Sen. Neil Anderson, Rep. Terri Bryant, Rep. Mark Batinick, Rep. Margo McDermed, and Rep. John Anthony.

Listed by the source are two Democrts:  Reps. Katherine Cloonen and Deb Conroy. Presumably the PAC spent money trying to defeat them.

According to the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, here is how the PAC spent its money supporting twenty-nine candidates in 2014:

Keith Matune 81st State Rep $241,682.64
Heidi Holan 46th State Rep $230,149.41
Leslie Munger 59th State Rep $220,218.73
Mark Neerhof 58th State Rep $210,637.15
Peter Breen 48th State Rep $209,298.89
Mel Thillens State Rep 55th District $195,691.73
Glenn Nixon 79th State Rep $184,964.54
John Garrido 45th Ward Alderman $124,974.44
Jim Wozniak 71st State Rep $107,587.34
Terry Bryant 115th State Rep $103,936.00
Ramiro Juarez 44th State Rep $76,447.20
Terri Bryant 115th State Rep $35,056.65
Neil Anderson 36th State Rep $27,572.59
Charlene Foss-Eggemann Maine Township Committeeman $15,624.81
Jeanne Ives 42nd State Rep $15,157.92
Li Arellano Mayor of Dixon $14,600.00
Jeanne Ives 42nd State Rep $7,576.18
Reggie Phillips 110th State Rep $7,200.00
Charlene Foss Eggemann Maine Township Rep $6,300.00
Mark Batinick 97th House Rep, $6,300.00
Katherine Cloonen 79th State Rep $6,276.40
Deb Conroy 46th State Rep $5,803.41
Margo McDermed 37th State Rep $3,566.86
Charlene-Foss Eggeman Maine Township Committeeman $2,644.86
Mark Batnick 97th State Rep $1,800.00
John Anthony 75th State Rep $1,800.00
Matune Candidate for 81st Illinois House $1,466.67
Peter Breen Candidate for 48th Illinois House $1,466.67
Foss-Eggemann Candidate for Maine Township Committeeman $1,466.66


Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles PAC Gets $2.5 Million — 4 Comments

  1. This will inevitably pave the way to victory for Carolyn Schofield.

    Conservatives had one chance to win this seat.

    This money will likely be used to muddy the waters by promoting an un-electable “conservative” candidate to assure the liberal wins.

  2. Take a good look at Proft’s win-loss record with the big dollars given to him by his benefactor Uihlein; the real record not the B.S. one regularly Proft touts.

    That means excluding the easy general election wins.

    Bottom line?

    Proft’s record resembles a poor prize fighter’s, i.e. real bad.

    So bad, Proft would have to change his name if he were that bad boxer because the licensing board wouldn’t let him fight again.

    Of the first 10 big dollar battles listed above, Proft went …


    Man, that’s a whole lot of money wasted.

    When does Daddy Uihlein take away his kid’s car?

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