Lawrence Road Bridge Being Replaced

Here are the details from the McHenry County Department of Transportations:


IDOT CONTRACT: 61B85,  Section No. 10-00376-00-BR

The Lawrence Road Bridge over a tributary to the Lawrence Creek between Ramer Road and Oak Grove Road, 1.5 miles northwest of Harvard in unincorporated McHenry County.

The Lawrence Road Bridge was built in 1941.

The Lawrence Road Bridge was built in 1941.

The existing structure which was built in 1941 is to be removed and replaced. The new bridge will be a 43 foot single span structure and will be widened to accommodate two 8 foot wide Impact to Traffic During Construction:

Please be advised: Lawrence Road, between Ramer Road and Oak Grove Road, will be closed to through traffic beginning January 4, 2016. Local traffic will have access up to the bridge.

Through traffic will be detoured via Oak Grove Road and Ramer Road.

Approximate Project Schedule: (dates subject to change)

January 4, 2016: Install detour and close Lawrence Road to through traffic, at bridge January 2016: Demolition including removal of existing bridge deck and abutments.

February-April 2016: Construct abutments for new structure; work to include: dewatering and cofferdam installation, perform structural excavation, drive piling, construct concrete abutment footing, form and pour abutments.

May 2016: Construct deck superstructure and concrete wearing surface; work to include installation of pre-cast pre-stressed concrete deck beams, form and pour concrete wearing surface, form and pour concrete bridge approach slabs, install steel bridge railing.

Roadway work will include construction of roadway subgrade and mass site grading.

June 2016: Complete all asphalt pavement, pavement markings, signage, and Late June, 2016: Remove detour and reopen roadway to through traffic, final The McHenry County Division of Transportation apologizes for any inconvenience, and is appreciative of your patience and understanding during the construction of this important improvement to the local highway system.


Lawrence Road Bridge Being Replaced — 4 Comments

  1. Lawrence Road is a county highway that jogs around for awhile in McHenry County from Oak Grove Road, then straightens out north / south into Wisconsin where it becomes County Road K / Lawson School Road, ending at Wisconsin State Road 11 west of Delavan.

    In western McHenry County more people take US Route 14 into Wisconsin.

    In Illinois, Lawrence Road is to the west of US Route 14, close to Boone County.


    The bridge in the article is south of the unincorporated village of Lawrence in Chemung Township.

    Unincorporated Lawrence has a Harvard address.


    There is another bridge over the actual Lawrence Creek on Lawrence Road north of the unincorporated village of Lawrence.

    The Lawrence Creek watershed extends east of US Route 14 & north into Wisconsin; that being the creek and its tributaries.

    Lawrence Creek flows into Piscasaw Creek which flows into the Kishwaukee River which flows into the Rock River which flows into the Mississippi River which flows into the Mississippi River Delta / Gulf of Mexico which connects to the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and the Caribbean Sea to the South of Cuba.


    Lawrence lost to Harvard as the location for a rail station in the mid 1800’s.


    The total cost (Federal, state, county funds) to mitigate wetlands, re-engineer, remove, and replace with a wider bridge, is how much? – at least $1.5 million.

  2. This bridge replacement seems to be behind schedule?

    When is the new estimated time frame for the bridge to be completed?

  3. Here’s what McDOT says about the project today:

    Lawrence Road Bridge Reconstruction over a Tributary to Lawrence Creek

    This project consists of complete replacement of the existing bridge located between Ramer Road and Oak Grove Road northwest of Harvard.

    This work requires closure of Lawrence Road between Ramer Road and Oak Grove Road.

    A detour route has been established, utilizing Ramer Road and Oak Grove Road.

    Work is tentatively scheduled to be completed by late-June 2016. Access for local traffic will be maintained to the bridge.

  4. Hey Cal Skinner it is July 14th, and the bridge is not finished and the road is still CLOSED.

    The article above said it should be finished by late June.

    What is the NEW Estimated completion date – PLEASE


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