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If you would like to see what the Illinois General Assembly and Governor accomplished this past year, here’s the place to find newly enacted laws.

Thank Fox TV News in Chicago for posting the list.

If you find any of interest, please let people know in the comment section.

I found the following sponsored by local legislators:

Pam Althoff

Pam Althoff

State Senator Pam Althoff:

  • Minimum Wage Employers Negotiations (SB 38/PA 99-0017 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): An initiative of the Illinois FOP Labor Council that amends the Minimum Wage Law by allowing a collective bargaining unit to negotiate and contractually exempt themselves from the hourly wage requirements imposed by the Act. Instead, the union can agree to an alternate shift schedule as allowed under federal law.
  • Capital Fund (SB 87/PA 99-0019 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): Allows a county to accumulate, in a separate fund, no more than three percent of the equalized assessed value of property that is subject to taxation by the county for capital improvements, repairs, or replacements.
  • DNR Land Vacation (HB 3622/PA 99-0156 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): If the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) feels it is in the best interest of the public to vacate any plat of subdivision, street, roadway, or driveway, the DNR may do so with approval from the Governor. Land title is transferred unless there is an easement or deed instructing otherwise.
  • Impoundment Large Animals (SB 1735/PA 99-0321 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): Amends Humane Care for Animals Act; in cases where a county has no facilities capable of taking companion animals that are being abused, the authorities (animal control, law enforcement, etc.) may utilize the on-site impoundment of the animals, pursuant to a court order of the property owner.
  • Mobile Home VIN (HB 2547/PA 99-0274 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): Provides that the annual tax judgment, sale, redemption, and forfeiture record for mobile homes should contain the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) if known. This would allow the county treasurer to proceed with processing the pertinent mobile home documentation.
  • Municipal Contract Expenditures (HB 299/PA 99-0010 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): Removes the provision subjecting court security to the Sheriff’s Merit Commission.
  • Payment Collection (SB 86/PA 99-0018 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): Allows a state’s attorney to retain attorneys and private collection agencies to collect for the county a defaulted payment or installment of an imposed fine/penalty.
  • Property Tax Complaints (HB 2554/PA 99-0098 – Sen. Pamela Althoff): Amends the Property Tax Code to provide more detailed instruction for all parties involved during the Property Tax Board of Review complaint procedure, outside of Cook County.
  • DUI Interlock Device Extension (HB 3533/PA 99-0296 – Sen. Pam Althoff): Requires ignition interlock devices for a minimum of five years on all vehicles owned by a person who has been convicted of a second or subsequent DUI offense.
  • Road Funds (HB 182/PA 99-0171 – Sen. Pam Althoff): Allows funds for township and road districts to come from other road district sources, but funds cannot exceed the amount that would be allocated under the motor fuel tax fund formula.
Karen McConnaughay

Karen McConnaughay

State Senator Karen McConnaughay:

  • Comptroller Warehouse Ledger (SB 903/PA 99-0393 – Sen. Karen McConnaughay): Codifies the “Online Ledger” and “The Warehouse” under the State Comptroller. These are repositories for the storage of any reports submitted to the comptroller and a database of all of the State’s transactions.
  • Update to Records Act (HB 362/PA 99-0147 – Sen. Karen McConnaughay): Amends the State Records Act and the Local Records Act to update the statute to reflect usage of “digital material.”
  • State Sales Tax Increment Revenue Use (HB 3556/PA 99-0452 – Sen. Karen McConnaughay): Allows up to one percent of revenues from a retailer’s occupation tax, a service occupation tax, and a hotel operators tax in one business district to be used in another district if certain conditions are met.

All House bills were introduced by State Representatives, but I haven’t the incentive to look up who.

If you want to look up sponsors or other details, the place to look is here.  Don’t put a space between the HB or SB and the number.


New Laws — 4 Comments

  1. The interlock device bill is excellent! I’m sure someone could find a way around the device installed, but the thought of the device must be installed in ALL registered owner’s vehicles could help eliminate one or more of those ways.

  2. Nothing to reign in and make sustainable 45 years of legislative pension benefit hikes to underfunded pensions.

    Underfunded pensions being the biggest fiscal problem in the State of Illinois.

    The State of Illinois being the worst or one of the worst states for debt.

    The General Assembly and Governors are really good at kick the can, hide and seek, catch me if you can.

    And really bad at transparency and sustainable fiscal operations.

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