Local Presidential Delegate/Alternate Candidates

Looking at the State Board of Elections web site for McHenry County residents who have filed for National Convention Delegate or Alternate Delegate yielded what follows.

If Donald Trump sweeps the Illinois Republican Primary Election, four people will be at the National Convention from McHenry County.

If Ted Cruz wins, there will be three local folks there.

A Jeb Bush victory will send one.

Finally, a Chris Christie win will result in one from McHenry County attending the GOP Convention.

If Hillary Clinton wins, there will be two from our county at the Democratic Party Convention.

6th Congressional District (Cong. Peter Rosakm, Algonquin Township in McHenry County)

For Ted Cruz Delegate 6th District:

  • Michael Miller of Barrington Hills

For Donald Trump Alternate 6th District:

  • Jim Magel of Cary

14th Congressional District (Cong. Randy Hultgren, McHenry County, except Algonquin Township)

Gary Rabine

Gary Rabine

For Jeb Bush Alternate 14th District:

  • Gary Rabine of Johnsburg
Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Kristina Zahorik, an Oakwood Hills Trustee, spoke to the Woodstock AFSCME rally for state workers.

Kristina Zahorik

For Hillary Clinton Delegate 14th District

  • State Rep. Jack Franks of Marengo
  • Oakwood Hills Village Trustee and County Board candidate Kristina Zohorik

For Chris Christie Alternate 14th District:

  • Charles J. Rector of Woodstock
Steve Bishop

Steve Bishop

Steve Rooney

Steve Rooney

For Ted Cruz Delegate 14th District:

  • Steve Rooney of Johnsburg

For Ted Cruz Alternate 14th District:

  • Steve Bishop of Spring Grove

For Donald Trump Delegate 14th District:

  • Andrea Burnette of McHenry
  • Larry Chapel, Prairie Grove
  • Linda Christl of McHenry

State Kane County’s Senator Karen McConnaughay, as reported here earlier, is a candidate for Delegate on Jeb Bush’s behalf.


Local Presidential Delegate/Alternate Candidates — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for posting this.

    It is interesting to observe who lines up with who.

    I will remember who lined up with Jeb Bush.

  2. Kabuki theater; and all for naught.

    BTW in case you are playing the game, Ted Cruz is not even a legal candidate.

    Not a natural born citizen as the game requires.

    But the rules for Kabuki theater have been ignored for so long, “at this point what does it matter”!

  3. Why bother taking time to comment on blogs if your attitude is “at this point what does it matter”?

  4. A few things

    -I thought delegates were awarded based on which delegates won, not which candidate won.

    If I’m right, somebody could win the Presidential race but not get any delegates.

    If it is based on the presidential candidate, that’s going to be a problem for some of these people.

    What the hell is wrong with these campaigns?

    Trump is the only one who could get three delegates?

    -What’s up with the Democratic primaries?

    Do delegates not even matter?

    Why would the Sanders campaign not even file anybody?

    I figured Clinton would have her stuff together, but I thought with all the excitement from the Sanders campaign they could get some delegates.

    Maybe they’re more into Twitter or something. . .

  5. Nevermind the second point.

    I see Sanders has delegates now.

    Even O’Malley has some!

  6. **What the hell is wrong with these campaigns? Trump is the only one who could get three delegates?**

    Sigh… reading comprehension, folks.

    Cal is only listing the delegates from McHenry County.

    Most of the candidates (Paul/Santorum campaigns did not) filed full slates of delegates.

    They’re just not from McHenry County.

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