More Convention Delegates File

In our first look at National Convention Delegate and Alternate filings, the only Democrat was Hillary Clinton.

Now, two more candidates have filed petitions–Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders.

Jan Sorensen from 969 Golf Course Road in Crystal Lake is the only Delegate candidates for the two Presidential hopefuls who is from Algonquin Township, the part of McHenry County in Peter Roskam’s 6th Congressional District.

Sorensen seeks to represent Sanders in the Democratic National Convention.

Running as an Alternate Delegate from McCullum Lake is Luis Aguilar

Nick Sauer

Nick Sauer

In the Republican Primary, newly-filed candidates in the 6th District are

  • Ben Carson
  • John Kasich
  • Marco Rubio

The only name that might ring a bell is Nick Sauer, running as an Alternate Delegate for Rubio. He is a Lake County Board member from the Barrington area, who is running for State Representative Ed Sullivan’s seat without opposition.

None of the newly-filed 6th District Republican candidates are from McHenry County.

In the 14th Congressional District, represented by Randy Hultgren, new slates were filed for

  • Carly Fiorina
  • Rand Paul
  • Marco Rubio
  • Rick Santorum
Barb Wheeler

Barb Wheeler

Irene Napier

Irene Napier

Eric Carl Hendricks and Michael Smyk, both of Marengo, are Delegate candidates for Paul.

State Rep. Barb Wheeler is a Delegate candidate for Rubio.

Two familiar names are running as Delegates for Santorum:

  • Irene Napier
  • Kathy Salvi
Al Salvi

Al Salvi

Alternates are

  • Alex Pietrarosso of Marengo for Paul
  • William Tell from Huntley for Carson

Former State Rep. Al Salvi is also an alternate for Marco Rubio.

Salvi was the state chairman for Santorum last time around.

This year his wife Kathy is running as a delegate for Santorum.


More Convention Delegates File — 5 Comments

  1. The people wanting to represent Rubio and Santorum are ingenuous and naive.

    Neither one is eligible as a candidate under US Constitution, The Executive Branch, Article II, Section 1, subparagraph (5)!

    Remember this when you decide ballots in your local elections.

    If these “delegates” are that obtuse, why would you elect them as local leaders?

    These familiar names should be put on the untrustworthy list.

    They would base all their decisions on emotions and not the law! Think about it.

  2. **The people wanting to represent Rubio and Santorum are ingenuous and naive. Neither one is eligible as a candidate under US Constitution**

    How so?

    Both Rubio and Satorum were born in the US.

    Are you really saying that they are not naturally born citizens?

    So much crazy on this blog…

  3. The issue has been litigated several times.

    Since Rubio and Santorum (and Cruz, while we are at it), were born to American citizens, they are eligible to run for, and serve as, President.

    This precedent goes back beyond the son of John Quincy Adams who was born in Europe and later, at least twice, was a candidate for President.

    This is why the bastard (Shakespeare’s word) son of a self-hating, over privileged hippie, who never legally renounced her citizenship before he was born, can be president of the United States, no matter where he was actually born, and whoever has father actually was.


  4. Not read up on your Constitution?

    And “experts” will tell you plenty of stuff which isn’t true at all.

    Nice touch, Dave; using the “crazy” word but pretending that wasn’t a character assault.

  5. It is absurd to think a child born to an American parent(s) in a foreign land is not an American citizen.

    Cindy you are incorrect on this issue and are falling victim to the crazy world of Presidential politics.

    You do not cease to be an American once you leave US shores, your citizenehip follows you whereever you go and that includes the issue born of American citizens.

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