John Reinert Announces Candidacy for District 2 County Board Seat

A resident of my Algonquin 7 Precinct, John J. Reinert, is running for a District 2 McHenry County Board nomination in the Republican Primary.

He lives at 423 Riverside Drive in the Crystal Lake part of the precinct and, coincidentally, bought the home of a former elected municipal board member before she moved to Crystal Lake.


My wife Cassy and I have lived in McHenry County since 1980.

We both grew up in this area.

We have two daughters, Jennifer Reinert, who lives in Australia, and Allie Reinert, who lives here in Crystal Lake.

I am a Real Estate broker and Home Builder.

I have developed residential properties in the Crystal Lake area and have been in business over 30 years.

We enjoy the outdoors.

Cassy is an animal lover.  We have 4 dogs and two horses in the family.

I am a hobbyist at heart.

I love motorcycles, flying,

I brew great craft beer with two friends and I also have an apiary.

I’m very competitive and love adventure.

Here is why he says he is running:

It just feels like the right time!

The McHenry County Real Estate market is burdened with soaring property taxes.

Tax payers shouldn’t have to tighten their belts any more; increased government spending needs to stop.

I am a local businessman with 30+ years of Real Estate and housing development experience.

I have conservative, fiscally responsible values. I aspire to affect a positive change, and bring growth back to the county.

I want to help the homeowners that are suffering from declining values and soaring taxes.

This trend is not sustainable.

I served on the McHenry County Fair board in the late 90’s.

I enjoyed my time working with all of the volunteers over the years.

I served on the Real Estate Education Committee and I am currently on the Government Affairs Committee for the Heartland board of REALTORS.

The issues I am most concerned about are:

  • TAXES. Everyone wants to reduce taxes, yet we keep raising our levies.  Government needs to reduce spending, and abate or stop raising tax levies. Every homeowner and business, small and large, has reduced spending.

Government needs to also.

  • McHenry County access to the Interstate highway system.
  • McHenry County economic development. These issues directly affect each other. If we can take short term and long term steps toward improvement, a healthy economic future will come together.


John Reinert Announces Candidacy for District 2 County Board Seat — 5 Comments

  1. There are three candidates, Jeff Thorsen (recently appointed to replace Ken Koehler), Reinert and Cameron Hubbard, who serves on the CL City Council.

  2. if he is looking to reduce property taxes he should be running for school board not county board.

  3. Good point Ted.

    But, then, the County position accounts for an income between $20,000 and $45,000 per year while the school board position pays zero.

  4. I have known John for several years, he is both hard working and honest.

    I think his common sense and hard work ethic will be a welcome change on the county board

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