Next Hearing on Jack Franks’ Ally’s Objection to Steve Reick’s Petition

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

The State Board of Elections will hold its next hearing on the objection of Woodstock’s Ronald Eck to Republican Steve Reick’s petitions next Wednesday, January 13th, in Chicago at 10 AM.

The objection was filed by Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Business Representative Eck after Jack Franks’ ally Jeff Lichte filed petitions in the Republican Primary.

Theresa Lichte gave $250 to Franks in 2010.

Theresa Lichte lives at the same address as Jack Franks' fake GOP opponent Jeffrey.

Theresa Lichte lives at the same address as Jack Franks’ fake GOP opponent Jeffrey Lichte.

The goal, of course, is to make sure that Franks has no problem in the fall.

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

House Speaker Michael Madigan regularly uses this tactic.

If Steve Reick is not on the fall ballot, House Speaker Mike Madigan will have the opportunity to “convince” Franks to vote for something about which his constituents would object.

Attorney for Reick is John Fogarty.

Representing Eck is Jim Nally.

The hearing officer is Philip Krasny.

The Board of Elections will decide on the petition challenge recommendations of its hearing officers at its January 20th meeting.


Next Hearing on Jack Franks’ Ally’s Objection to Steve Reick’s Petition — 13 Comments

  1. The first election Barack Obama won in Illinois state government was assisted through petition challenges.

    Current President of the United States Barack Obama was unopposed in the March 19, 1996 Democratic Primary election for State Senator for the 13th Legislative District as his supporters successfully challenged the petitions of incumbent State Senator Alice Palmer, as well as Gha-is Askia, Marc Ewell, and Ulmer D Lynch Jr.

  2. Jack has already achieved his goal. Reick’s potential campaign cannot start until Jan. 20 at the earliest.

    From the State Election calendar:


    First day for early voting at the office of the election authority & temporary locations

    In other words, before the first ballot can be cast, if Reick’s candidacy is approved, he will have two weeks to campaign.

  3. This is the same scam Democrat Mike Walkup and his little sidekick Provenzano pulled on me.

    Walkup got beaten by a write-in candidate, and Provenzano’s somewhat unemployable wife got beaten for Supervisor.

    My career has taken off since leaving government and these two are trying to grub paychecks from the Taxpayers.

  4. **This is the same scam Democrat Mike Walkup and his little sidekick Provenzano pulled on me.**

    What, exactly, was the scam?

  5. **Reick’s potential campaign cannot start until Jan. 20 at the earliest.**

    If Reick doesn’t realize that he should be campaigning right now, despite the petition challenge, then he doesn’t deserve to get elected.

  6. Filing objections to nominating petitions (using a stooge, in this case, a local developer in cahoots with Walkup).

    Getting the hearings delayed by the sleazy people on the Board, getting the case heard by a judge with whom the lawyer said he had a “special relationship”.

  7. In dave’s political world, chicanery is acceptable.

    dave subscribes to the Il. Pols Motto:

    If God didn’t want them sheared, he wouldn’t have made them sheep, right dave?

  8. Illinois State Board of Elections > Candidates > Search for a Candidate > General Primary – 3/15/2016 > Records 76 to 100 of 139 > Eck v Reick

    Name – Eck v Reick
    Candidate Name – Steven Reick
    Office – 63rd Representative
    Objection Filed On – 12/7/2015, 3:08PM
    Objection Status – Pending


    Here is a summary of the December 14, 2015 Hearing

    Illinois State Board of Elections
    State Officer Electoral Board (SOEB)
    December 14, 2015
    10:30AM in Room 2-025
    James R. Thompson Center
    100 W. Randolph
    Chicago, IL
    Hearing Officer – Phil Krasny
    Case # 512
    Candidate – Reick
    Objector – Eck
    Office / Party – 63rd Representative / Republican > State Officer Election Board (lower left hand corner of page) > Select a Document > Hearing Officer Case Assignments


    The Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters is a regional council of carpenter labor union locals.

    Think of it as a regional headquarters at 12 East Erie St, Chicago, IL.

    It handles a pension fund, healthcare fund, advocates for public sector construction projects, coordinates amongst locals, etc.

    Their EIN # is 36-1894832; using that one can lookup the Form 990 which indicates just for the regional council itself (not including the various pension, healthcare, training funds, or the locals) annual revenues of about $42 million and assets of about $84 million.

  9. Franks can’t be so stupid to think that Reick would lose a primary.

    This blog has reported the tomfoolery and I’m sure he saw it coming.

    Sandra Salgado, the Chairman of the county’s party, has also issued a statement denouncing the Lichte guy and saying Reick is the only real Republican in the race.

    Franks’ goal is not to knock Reick out in the primary, it’s that the more time Reick has to spend winning a primary, the less time he is talking about Franks, and Franks is hoping to drain money and energy from Reick by forcing him to defend in a primary.

    Last election Franks wouldn’t debate Reick; he knew he had the name recognition and a debate would only hurt him.

    It was a shame because anybody who has met Steve can confirm that he really understands the issues facing Illinois.

    Franks is a smart (dare I say sly) politician, but people will have to ask themselves if he’s a good *statesman*.

    From what I can tell, on a lot of the tough votes Franks, unfortunately, eventually caves in to Madigan.

  10. Do you people realize the Franks is using the same tactics that OBAMA used in Chicago to win his elections from the time OBAMA was a “Communist Organizer?”

    Excuse me, community organizer.

    Franks and friends are not nice people.

    But what DemocRAT is?

  11. Franks is a Hillary Clinton delegate for President.

    He really doesn’t want that issue out there until much later and only against, hopefully, a shill “opponent” rather than a guy like Reick who will make Franks work (again) and highlight who Franks really is … a Hillary Clinton-ite.

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