League of Women Voters Plays into Jack Franks’ Hand

Below is an email interchange between Steve Reick, who has filed petitions for the Republican nomination for State Representative in the district Jack Franks now holds.

An ally of Franks, Jeff Lichte, has also filed Republican petitions.

Reick’s petitions have been challenged by another Jack Franks ally.

What follows shows how the McHenry County League of Women Voters is playing into Jack Franks’ hand by allowing him to escape public scrutiny without negative fallout.

To the League of Women Voters:

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

I got your Forum invitation today, thanks.

As you may know, my petitions are being challenged, and I don’t know if the challenge will be resolved by the 4th. I’m going to work on the assumption that it will be.

I do have one question.

Last time I ran I came to the Forum, but Franks didn’t, and I wasn’t allowed on the stage because I was told it wouldn’t have been “fair” to Franks.

If Lichte (the plant that Franks has put on the ballot) doesn’t show up, will the same rules apply, or will I get to participate even if I’m the only one on stage?

I don’t want to show up just to be told I can’t answer questions.

I’d like an answer before I send back the agreement. Please let me know.


= = = = =

Reply to Steve Reick:

Hi Steve,

The LWVMC policy is that we do not hold forums for uncontested races.

If you are in a 3 man contested and Jack Franks and Lichte do not participate we will follow our general procedure of allowing a candidate, you, to submit a 2 minute statement that will be read by the moderator.

You will be able to come early and stay late to meet with voters outside of the forum and you can bring literature.

I am hoping that all 3 of you will be able to participate as this should provide some very interesting comments and opinions

A spokeswoman for the League

= = = = =

To the League of Women Voters:

Your forum is for the primary, it is a contested race, and Jack Franks isn’t on the Republican ballot.

Jeff Lichte is, and he’s a plant by the Democrats, put there in an attempt to keep the McHenry County GOP from slating a candidate.

It’s a sure-fire bet that he’s not going to show up to participate, and what I’m left with again is a 2 minute statement and nothing else.

Therefore, your policy about uncontested races doesn’t apply here.

The race is contested, the other contestant will just choose to not show up, thus silencing the one person who has the courtesy to attend and answer questions.

This is just the type of chicanery that your group exists to counteract, and all you’re doing by keeping me off that stage is allowing Franks to hijack the electoral process while thumbing his nose at your organization in the process. (Click here)

I’m asking you to cast a light on this by allowing me to participate fully in the forum, notwithstanding the fact that I’m the only person on the stage.

The voters deserve it.



League of Women Voters Plays into Jack Franks’ Hand — 8 Comments

  1. I will not hold my breath waiting for either Herald paper to pick up this story!

    This is great fodder for LTEs.

    Maybe one of the Chicago or Rockford TV news crews will pick it up.

  2. For all their pomp and circumstance, the LWV is out of touch with what really goes on.

    The average age must be in the 70’s!

  3. @Fred…So you are saying that 70, people don’t think rationally?

    Talk about “pomp and circumstance,” is pretty pompous and arrogant on your part.

    Suggest you apologize to everyone older than your juvenile age.

  4. I am in that “old” group and have been disappointed in the League for many years.

  5. Don’t worry, Steve.

    No neutral voters attend the senile Left Wing Vultures forums.

    You will see more people knocking on doors that night.

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